We're being patronized

I’m sick of Suitor patronizing us…he won’t even say anything too critical…

“they’re trying…they’re improving…they just need an experienced go to guy…yada yada yada…”

And then…fans of other teams come on here and SUPPORT US…“don’t be too upset…hang tough…chin up.”…

Doesn’t this P off our guys? Or Charlie?


nobody is laughing. at least not anybody who matters.

If they're not laughing it's because we are a worry for the whole league....a franchise this pathetic in an 8 team league is a concern even for the best teams.....

the league was worried last year and pressured the cats to get the printers deal done so now what? The league may give us buono, LOL.

It only took Suitor about 75 games before he finally announced on air that we need an experienced go to guy at receiver.

I'd settle for Jamie Barresi at this point lol

you got it tommyboy..
it 'should' worry the league SERIOUSLY
the franchise isnt really THAT pathetic
but it should be worrisome for any thoughtful governor in the CFL
there is talent on this team and guts.. i really believe it inspite of my tongue in cheek comments about the top ten (see other post)
but the coaching is pathetic

and on another note i truly am wondering if OB has lost his touch in some critical areas.
come on... anyone dare tackle the great OB?
well maybe its time some of us did

  1. bad canadian draft --- no Canadian o line
  2. lets go good players to save $$$ dwight anderson, jo jo
  3. pre season american scouting -- even the inimitable Ken Peters got that one right.
    scouting the o line... triple nada
    scouting the receivers... double nada
    scouting the d line... well its more a case of picking up some discards (I will give OB that one)
    and of course
    coaching? yes fair Yorrick.. theres the rub.

bad play calling, no adjustments... its a broken record guys.... a fish starts to smell from its head. crude but true... you pick the head on this one , fans, OB or Taafe...????