We're bad but there's a serious bigger issue

“Is Scott Mitchell trying to operate on the cheap by giving Kent Austin more than one job title? (And why has he had to do the play calling too?)”

Some coaches now want more control over the personnel rather than just accepting what the GM picks for them.

Such was the case for Wally and John. George Cortez was head coach, offensive co-ordinator and was involved with personnel matters while in Hamilton.

One thing Bob Young has not been is cheap. You insulting him too.

P.S…We haven’t had a real OC since Condell ran away…guess who has to take the job in the mean time??

Perhaps, that’s part of what June Jones is here for??

Unfortunately, When Condell left, he took our Offence with him. :cry:
It has never recovered.
Maybe it wasn't the Austin Offence we had before, It was the Condell Offence.

What we have now is the Austin Offence

That’s funny because when Condell was here, there were those who speculated that it was Austin’s playbook even then…
But…who knows…you could be right…

Throw, Throw, Kick…Throw, Throw, Kick…Throw, do that thing that isn’t throwing, Hey! First down, Throw, Throw, Kick…
Sound about right?

I would agree with your assessment. I think Bob Young is the Tiger-Cat owner out of a sense of duty to his sibling and not because he is a passionate fan of the game. Nothing wrong with that, in fact it is an admirable contribution on his part.
But, it seems a culture of losing has enveloped the franchise and, as in any organization, a change in culture begins with bold and decisive action at the top.

Bob Young doesn’t give me the impression that he is excited or impassioned by the game of football and, I sometimes wonder if he even likes the game that much. I think he is more motivated by and interested in the business side of the operation.

An impassioned owner with a sense of pride about the team would not (for very long) put up with the embarrassment that is taking place currently. The existing football operations structure has failed. We are about to find out how much embarrassment Mr. Young is willing to endure.

Well Ted Rogers was a self-proclaimed non-sports fan and the Jays are doing well these days, at least at the box office and as the "in" thing with young people, albeit the team itself is mediocre. So I'm not so sure it really matters much if the owner of a team isn't a big fan of the sport to begin with, if in fact that is the case with Bob Young and football. :-\

From what I’ve read, Rogershas beengathering sports content to place on its sports network.
This seems to be a popular pursuit among sports broadcasting enterprises.

I’m not wishing death on Mr. Young,however…It should be noted that whatever success the Jokes have had recently, it came after the death of Ted Rogers…

RIP Ted Rogers, he did add a lot to the Canadian business and media environment. Well, yes, often artist's works are more valuable after the artist has passed on. Then the real 'genius' if you will is recognized so it seems. :-\