We're Back!!!

Our defense is really shaping up. I know they were a huge question mark during the off season, but these these guys played exceptionally well today. IMO, Otis Floyd, Markeith Knolton Auggie Barrenechea and Derrel Adams (sp) were standouts in today's game.

One criticism for our much improved offense. Our quarterbacks are running too often with the football which could mean that our pass receivers are too well covered or they just like to run. I think that their running is very risky business in terms of injuries.

Chris Davis played a great game today and may be one of our greatest assets on Offense.

It's also great to see the line play on both sides of the ball being effective.

The Alouettes are the creme de la creme in terms of owning the CfL based on their play in the first three games. They appear to be light years ahead of all of their opposition to date. Lets hope our Ticats can change Montreal's good fortune next week and maintain their own by coming home from Montreal with another big win.

Although I was mystified at Cobb being a non-factor by design it appeared, there are plenty of bright spots tonight. The team played hard, we saw great catches by Davis and Stala in particular, great special teams play, and timely defensive stands.

Seeing Garney Henley and the 1965 team members at the stadium was great. I hope folks got to share that experience with their kids.

Proud of the club tonight -- hope to see them kick butt here on Thursday!!

Oski Wee Wee,

"Although I was mystified at Cobb being a non-factor by design it appeared"

It was clear to me that the Ticats knew that Winnipeg would focus on Cobb........which opened things up for the likes of Davis etc.

Cobb is effective even when he isn't touching the ball it seems. Montreal has got a few things to worry about now.......

Its nice to see this team winning again!!! I couldnt be more excited for the ticats and the well deserved fans that have stuck with this team through thick and thin!!

i definately not getting any sleep tonight, im watching the game on tsn2 right now and i was at the game yet im still getting super pumped when we make a nice play and i no its coming!

I have been a fan for more than 50 years. The Cats are back!!..with a mauling brawling defense like the Cats of old. Thank god for the new acquisitions from the teams out west.!!!!

It seemed very fitting that the Cat defense played so well on Retro day in Hamilton in view of the fact that so many great players from the 60s era were there to take in the great play and reminisce about their own days in the sun.

It would be great if the team could continue to move in this highly successful direction and continue what they started this season. (Special reference to the last two games).

Can you imagine the excitement in this town if the cats happen to steal a win in Montreal Thursday?

Is anyone from here planning to attend that game?

Exactly. Can't run the ball when the other team expects it, especially in the CFL.

I wouldn't say "we're back" just yet...

But the team has certainly improved and is heading down the right road.

The Blue Bombers are the worst team in the league.

Our starting QB couldn't finish a drive and a lot of his passes were WAY too short... especially when his recievers were WIDE open. (I still think he's our QB!)

Too many INT's

We're 2-1 and heading into Montreal. I Rrrrrrrreally hope that I'm wrong but I think we're going to leave there 2-2. :frowning:

I don't want to see totally negative so I will say this, too...

Our Defense was really knocking the stuffing out of the Blue Bombers.

WE WON ('nuff said)

The guys have now found a way to finish games! Last year they lost quite a few close games. You just knew that the 'Cats would somehow find a way to lose. But in these past two games the 'Cats GOT IT DONE! (Hoorah).

Chris Davis. Period.

I'm looking forward to next weeks game!

I would like to first say that that game was the first home game i have been to in a few years and i was so happy to be there and it made this years season mean so much to me right there.

Next i wanted to raise questions about some of the soft spots given by our team.

First - special teams - not much to say because they did their job and helped pin Peg in their end of the field eventually leading to many of our points.

Second - Defence. It seems to me that for the most part of these games they play great but there were a number of times (4th quarter??) where i saw these guys missing arm tackles and being bullied on the line. Also the pressure by the CB's have bee an area of concern by me since game 1. they seem to be a weak link in my view becuase of how many yards they gave up in the beginning of the game. although they did hold it up against Peg i still wounder how Montreal will use this to their advantage.

Lastly - offence... fumbles stalled drives in the red zone. this game could have been blown open in the first half without these tackticle errors by the players. secondly, we need to lean how to blow opponents out in the first quarter not the 4th

I most say QP is our QB but if he cant get it done we have KG