We're # 8!

Williams and Grant are American and I don't think there is any way Stala is re-signing here.

With that being said, I don't think we have a need for non-import receivers. You still have Fantuz, Giguere, SCC and Jordan Brescacin. I would take 1 in the draft, not a bunch.

I'm taking definitely taking two Offensive Tackles. But I think we have the luxury of picking the best player available for the most part because of all the picks from former drafts that could be here in June. Petrus, Rockhill, Palmer, Plesius, Gascon-Nadon, Stephen, Atkinson (Though I think he's unlikely).

The Cleveland Browns have been consistently this bad since they reentered the league in 1999. Some might say, given the nature of parity in the NFL, that they have been worse. One playoff appearance since 1999, the top overall pick twice (1999, 2000) and a top five pick seven times (1999, 2000, 2001, 2005, 2007, 2009 [traded to the NY Jets], 2012). I'd say that's worse than the Ti-Cats.

Williams and Grant are imports, so they don't matter in regards to the draft. Stala is a free agent and with as little regard for him as Cortez showed, I get the feeling he won't be returning. That leaves Fantuz, Giguere and Charbonneau-Campeau as NI WRs on the active roster and Jay Diston on the PR. The Cats do need to NI help at receiver. Not with the first pick -- that should be a lineman of some sort -- but definitely at some point in the draft, the team should pick a receiver or two.

If Stala is going to be a free agent, then I don't think he'll be coming back. He was a backup to Fantuz for much of the time last season and this team probably won't be outbidding other teams for a player who would continue to be a backup here. It seems he not considered needed here anymore, as is the case with Quinton Porter, who I understand will also be a free agent. But Porter is a topic for another thread.

Anyway, if Stala is on the way out, then I predict this team will pick at least one receiver, but later in the draft. I believe that the offensive and defensive lines are higher priorities. And there seem to be better players at those positions this year. If this team picks Charles or Gaydosh, then they could have the option to have Steele start at DT again. I would like to know how Steele is recovering from that injury though. And this team did lose NI depth on the O line, losing Rottier, Dewit, and Smith, and injuries to Hage (and later, Dyakowski) led us to have to have Husband and Baillargeon play more than we would have liked. And I'm not sure how much longer Hage can go. In any case, more NI depth on the O line may be needed.

There may be some NI players on the way in, so who gets picked may depend on who is or is not brought in. Players like offensive linemen Moe Petrus and Carson Rockhill and DT Michael Atkinson were mentioned in this good article on this team's draft-related options here: http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2012/ ... -pick.html

I get the impression that Stala really loves playing i Hamilton, and if he leaves then , to me, that's just another clear indication of the dysfunction of the Tiger-Cats.

I also get the impression that he likes being here, close to home. And here's a relevant quote from a recent blog post from Drew:

Then there's Dave Stala. Sticky is a free agent this winter and [b]has said he wants to return[/b]. Whether he will, however, is an open question. Stala bristled at times with his reduced role this season and that's unlikely to improve going forward. He may very well be able to get better money and more opportunity from another team in a need of a aging, quality vet.
[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2012/11/ratio-issues-will-impact-how-the-ticats-use-the-no-1-pick.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2012/ ... -pick.html[/url]

He is, of course, also a fan favourite here. But will Sticky stick around here? It is possible that while he may like playing in Hamilton, he may not like the team the way it is now. And he may want more to play more, and for more money, even if it means going to another team.

And that article does give a good summary of what our options are regarding NI players. It also mentions that Hage will be a free agent. Will he be back?

But it'll be good to have the first pick in the draft, and to have first picks in each round of the 2012 draft, except the 4th round, I think. It's the one thing to like about being #8, although I certainly don't like being #8.

"We're going to take this team to the next level," they said... :x

"We're going to be Grey Cup contenders," they said... :x

He may want to stay close to home though and that could mean him being in an Argo uniform. That would just be wrong.

I was also thinking that. And yes, that would be wrong.

But there have been members of that team that I have respected (Pinball comes to mind) and Stala could be one of those players on that team I'd respect if he went there.