We're # 8!

Bombers win.
'Cats end up with the incredible record of most points for AND against.

But #1 for the 2013 Draft. And, well deserved.

the way we draft… the player never shows up… and when he does (after 4 years on a practise squad) he isn’t half as good as his ego

any way its an improvement of sorts



this is just a joke so nobody get their panties in a knott

but..maybe bob young not knowing anything about footbal is bad karma to the football gods :wink:

I've said it before -- I wouldn't draft a player whose hometown is in Quebec or Saskatchewan. Almost all of them will want to go play for their home team and likely will when their initial contract expires.

This is just a joke so don’t cry like a little girl…but maybe BC Lions fans should keep their Bob Young jokes to themselves. If you’ve got so much to say why not start your own website and have at 'er?

Why come into the Cats' forum at a time like this and act like a tool? Just leave them be, man.

It's not just him. I'm sick & tired of fans of other teams coming on this site & rubbing it in, thinking that they know everything about our players & management. Hope that when the wheel turns on their teams, they remember that when I go on theirs & rag their team out.

Thanks D&P

I may not agree with or even like a lot of what you say... but you always do it with class


That's the principle of good forums in a nutshell, to me. We may not agree, or even like what the other person has to say, but we don't have to be jerks about how we express ourselves.

I continue to think that Hamilton is only a good DC and a few pieces (cover DB, rush end, one good offensive tackle) away from being a championship contender.


I am not rubbing anything it. I too wanted the ticats in the playoffs. They are a favorite team of mine. I was really hoping for an all cats cup this year.

#8 in the league but #1 in my heart.lol

Well here is an interesting link.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/page/cfl-scouting-bureau-september-2012]http://www.cfl.ca/page/cfl-scouting-bur ... ember-2012[/url]

There's could be something for going with Stefan Charles, as we need better talent on the D.Line but then again there is something to be said with going with a local pick and Matt Sewell (OL) and Ben D'Aguilar (DE) most might make a case in these CIS playoffs.

Whoever is our GM next draft (cough…Tillman…cough) here’s the order of priority: OLine, WR, DT. That’s it. No RBs, LBs, QBs, or any other position not likely to have sufficient backup. We need a four or even five n/i OLine.

Yeah, right. :roll:

The Curse of the Logo Change Continues....

Oh gawd! #8 again? Really?

This has gotten really bad! What a disgrace!

Blew up a contending Grey Cup team for this?

That's 5 dead last finishes in caretaker's 9 years!

Is any team in any league this bad?

Even the hapless Leafs aren't this bad.


If you'r going to suck, you might as well get the first draft pick. Matt Sewell is an OLineman at McMaster rated in the top five - PERFECT. Get him. With our second pick roll the dice and go for a NCAA OLineman. After than pick a couple WRs. There, problem solved.

You really think we need Receivers over Defensive Ends and Defensive Linemen? You really think with Williams, Stala, Fantuz, Grant and Giguere we need more talent there?