Went to The ARGO Game tonight

That was FUN :lol:

Thanks BC :thup:

Made My Day, Right BG :wink:

Me too.

Looked like Friday's game, didn't it?

Argos' O-line was just as crappy as Hamilton's and Damon Allen looked like Kevin Eakin. Never thought I'd ever say that!

BINGO My same thoughts :thup:

BUT..... They played there #1 QB :smiley:

Some pics on last nights game





WHAT, DOES THAT HAT S A Y [/b] :thup:

They did get some point though didnt they?

Braley's boys keep us in the playoff picture. An upset next week over the Bombers, followed by a win over the Argos will help remove the bad taste from Friday night. Tall order , but not impossible.

Up until the last second, meaningless TD, Argos had a grand total of two points all game. Granted, it was two more than we scored. Like us, they never even set up once for a field goal, IIRC.

Nice pics tigger. I was in the Hard Rock Cafe for the game with my two sons and two nephews (one of which is an Argo fan). I saw quite a few Lions fans in there before the game.

Where were you tailgating? Were there many tailgaters there?

I've never seen someone gloat so much after getting shut out at home. (Mind you, I've never seen anyone get shut out at home) :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like the Argos are in for a tough season, although DA will play better with practice, he'd only played 5 minutes this year so far.

As an Argo fan, it was very tough to watch; Especially when some idiot fan from another team started throwing things at me. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Argos next 6 games are in their own conference.

They have to play Montreal 2 times,
Winnipeg once, and the Ticats 3 times.

Ticats should be in a real dogfight
with the Argos for 3rd plce in the East.

As an Argo fan, I've sat through far worse, and I don't think Tigger would say that as a Ticat fan. True the scores were quite similar, especially when it was 28-2 late in the game, but compare yards gained.

Wpg 442 Ham 108 (not quite the length of the field)

BC 325 Tor 300

How many of those yards were from the last meaningless drive (or that one big pass play to Talbot?)

For the longest while the yardage stats were very unbalanced as was the score. Enough so, that it reminded me of the previous night's game in IWS.

However, I agree that the Argos, while horrible last night, were nowhere near as bad as the Ti-Cats were on Friday night.

When the Argos get healthy, they'll be alright. Not legit contenders for the Cup but competitive. They should've made a few off-season changes because they're getting a litle long in the tooth but Pinball has this "family" philosophy so it must be hard to cut veteran guys. For one, I wish they'd gone after Maas.

An Argo fan

That Beer Cup, Was Empty :smiley: Do you think, I would, waste a Beer on An Argo Fan....NEVER.... :oops:

We tailgated in the parking lot in between Sky Dome and ACC. I would say about 100 - 130 tailgaters :thup:

Hey, Tigger,

Bill and his charming wife Inez were here for the TC and Argo games from Chip's group in Baltimore.... Think there was any connection with the disasterous results??? :cr :oops: :oops: :oops:


I had a good time :smiley: You didn't waste much time in posting those pics did you?? :oops:

Oh come on Tina, those were great pics! Who would have thought that orange was your colour? :twisted:

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