just wondering what is going to be the official sandwich of the cfl this year. in years past its been the baconator and the bacon mushroom melt.

I want them to bring back the mushroom melt.
That was one kick ass burger!


I hope for less repetitive commercials this year. I've had enough of the training knave and the burt in hd ones haha.

I hope it's not the baconator, I'd like to buy the official burger without worry about dropping over dead while eating it :wink:

....its the Wendy's el Magnifico....you have to sign a waiver before you buy one...

That's one mother burgler there Red. But is the waiver for dislocation of the jaw from trying to get your mouth over this baby or from your arteries getting clogged up with grease?

Hey Red, does that come with a roll of Rolaids?

I Feel My Arteries Harding already

what not Combine the baconator and the bacon mushroom melt. Into Double Pattie baconator Mushroom Melt


There's a spicy Baconator now.

But either way, they're all still made of crappy fried Wendy's burger patties anyway, so what does it matter?

Thanks Red,I had a good chuckle over this one!! I wouldn't of been able to handle that one in my best days many moons ago!!

i'm trying to watch my weight, how many calories is it?

Its one months.....all in one burger! :lol:

Get an extra large Coke and you should be fine. :smiley:

how about a new Sponsor all together?

Like GM or FORD or Dodge!

DODGE Friday Night Football

Ford Friday Night Football

If they pay more for the rights then im sure they would have it already.

Wendy's needs to (a) hire a new advertising agency and (b) quit driving us bananas by running the same lame ads over and over and over and over during the course of a game.

Yeah, I'm kind of tired of seeing that fat dude with the hitler moustache in that baconator commercial.

I must have missed that one... :lol:

Hold the mayo on mine Red, I'm on a diet.

I have one word for you guys:

R A N C H ! ! ! !