Wendy's Rule

Double Teen, but the Big Bacon Classic is a close second.

–You sound like one of the guys on the TSN panel haha. MAN are those guys bad at over-promoting the sponsors! The worst even was when they did their pre-game commentary a couple years back, all with Wendy’s takeout bags beside them! Haha I remember Dunnigan had a double burger in his hand, half eaten, while he was giving his commentary hahahahahaha. Awful!!

HARVEY’S…or… MR. SUB…come on Canadians…NEW YORK fries , from…Scarb ,Toronto…rocks too!

Subway has good sandwiches, but for burgers, i prefer Harvey’s, that ol’ Sirloin burger…yummmm, plus they have black straws

Wendys has the best burgers by far…

McDonalds is so nasty…

As Far As Subs Go, Quizno’s Is One Of The Best Joints Around. However If Your Ever In The Toronto Beaches There’s This Amazing Sub Place, Raceway Subs, The Guy Who Makes Them Has An Extra Thumb On One Hand, But He Makes The Best Subs. Eating One Gives Complete Euphoria, And At A Pretty Good Price, $3.40 For An 8" Meatball, Now That’s A Good Deal.