Wendy's Rule

There is nothing better than eating Wendy’s while watching the CFL.

You Need A Other Option So We Can Choose From Other Places Such As Harvey’s, Webbers, A&W, White Castle, Or God Forbid Arby’s.

I had put - other there but I guess i forgot to press the update button and instead i pressed submit button. I can’t seem to fix it tho. Maybe a moderator has the power to change it for me please?

HARVEY’S… rule!!!

I never cared that much for Wendy’s There is a difference between hot and jucie and SOGGIE

Harvies is OK if you like you burgers 90% filler
Albert and Walter’s is ok
Only been to Arby’s one or twice I found it pretty good as well

i added an option there Newfie, but do to my mod priviledges being revoked, thats all i could do.

Wendy’s is great, followed closely by DQ and A&W.

Wendy’s and A&W are the best followed by subway subs

The Work’s in Ottawa

Wendy is thee sponcer of Friday Night Football! I love them! and they take cards when until recently Mickey D’s didn’t!

Wendy’s and DQ. mmmmmmmm Classic Triple ahghhghglaglhagahlglaga

Frankly, (no frankfurters please) I prefer Turkey!!!

Riders Rule

YOU OWN KIND!!! :lol:

I prefer a leafy green salad, filled with pieces of perfectly roasted chicken cut into little bite size morsels, seasoned with bacon bits and topped with my wifes home made italian dressing. :wink:

Oh!..yea…I don’t eat beef.

Or a double Mozza from the dub. mmmmmmmmm

I like choosing what I want on my burger. Thanks. :smiley:

You mean choosing what you want on your cerial burger

Well, I guess this means that bender is a fan of Johnny Rockets. Sure, they’re expensive, but make a pretty dang good turkey burger… at least the one at Fallsview in Niagara Falls (Canadian side) did.

As for my fav burger (aside from fur), its gotta be Harvey’s. But best sandwich? I’d give the nod to Hooters, just for the ambiance alone. :lol:

I find Wendy’s soggy and very bland. Love DQ and A&W. Out in BC we have White Spot with Triple OOO Sauce. Beats them all!