Wendy's Kick for a Million!

Wendy's Kick for a Million!

Ever try to enter this contest? Can't do it right? Guess what? You live in Quebec! Screwed again! Whenever I try to enter an online contest, about 90% of the time, residents of Quebec are specifically singled out as being excluded. Why is this? The Regie des Loteries has the most restrictive regulations of any similar body in all of North America. The one most cited (yes, I've asked!) is that the Regie reserves the right to declare the contest null and void regardless of which jurisdiction it is registered in! How's that for a stupid rule.

The CFL should either insist that Wendy's include ALL Canadians in the contest, in order to get the rules changed, or cancel the damn thing.

It’s been like that for the last 3 years…If they don’t register the contest with Regie des Alcools, des courses & des jeux…the contest is not valid in Quebec.

Just do like me, don’t eat Wendy’s anymore until they change the contest !

I dont believe it is Wendies fault.....
Its Quebec that cause the problem

I remember reading something where they want a cut, or royalties or something.

That's one of the reason I separated from Quebec :slight_smile:

Th other reasons...

The dirty hospitals

The run down schools

The crooks at the Regie de l'automobile

The outlandish property taxes

But I'm glad you guys are holding the fort :thup:

Oh and don't ever get in a car accident in Quebec...Friend of mine father of four got killed on the met 3 years ago. His widow got 20 thousand dollars...just enough to bury him :twisted: and it took them over a year to issue to f... cheque.

And Quebec health cards are not accepted in most provinces , you must pay and than claim when you get home... so you might want to get blue cross if you travel out of quebec...

X you can always use my address :lol:

Not a cut, but a deposit, most of this law was put in place to defeat some fraudulent local scams that were going on, it never thought of such contest, i think they need to review it one of these days.

Yes they need a deposit but they also have fees to pay

[url=http://www.formulaire.gouv.qc.ca/cgi/affiche_doc.cgi?dossier=2718&table=0]http://www.formulaire.gouv.qc.ca/cgi/af ... 18&table=0[/url]

des participants du Québec exclusivement : 10 % de la valeur des prix offerts;

un ensemble de participants du Canada exclusivement, lorsque cet ensemble comprend des participants du Québec : 3 % de la valeur des prix offerts;

Correct me if I am reading it wrong but it says that if the contest is in Quebec alone, the fee is 10% of the value of the prize,
Canada wide it is 3% of the value of the prize. Maybe they mean Deposit?

Anyway the point I was making was that you shouldent boycott the company(In this case Wendies) because it is not always thier fault.

Considering they rarely PAY… Wendy’s 30k “rights fee” would likely be more than the finalists of the contest would get !

Can you imagine if all 10 provinces did that. 300k in fees alone…

Yeah you read correctly, if the contest is for quebec only 10%, canada only 3% any other set 0.5%.
Sounds like the usual greed of the Quebec government

Just about every contest I've ever bothered reading the fine print for says it excludes residents of the province of Quebec.

Quebec loves to collect but I'll tell you they don't like to pay... :wink:

Well, at least this year all parts of the process are done when the Alouettes are off the field.

Last year the final was done during the half-time show between Argos and Als. Not only that, they had Als players endorsing the game and cheering for the kicker. Talk about rubbing it on our Montrealer fan faces!

Maybe the language police wanted the name to be translated in french. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don't think so, Wendy does publicity in french for their product. More more quebec gov usual greed. They want a cut of the contest money :slight_smile:

Which weekend is the "kick for a million"?

This weekend: