Wendy's Kick for a Million

Great watching the Argo's handle the Al's last night. As a sidenote though, I have really enjoyed the Wendy's 'Kick for a Million'. I believe this is the third year running for the event. These events are great for the league and the fans.

Many times on these threads we hear people talk about boycotting those companies that support bringing the NFL to Canada or that say negative things towards the CFL. Wouldn't it be better to put our energies into supporting those companies that support the league we love.

Think I'll try a 'Baconator' today. :wink: I apprciate Molson's support of the Al's. Just wish they would take those ugly reg 'Export' tags off their Jerseys.


I agree totally, and I buy Molson beer whenever I can find it :smiley: