Wendy's Kick for a Million. What Happened?

Did I miss the announcement or lack thereof, but what happened to our annual right of "fall"?

....fixed it for ya

gosh darn it, why didn’t they have this 30-40 yrs ago?

In my day I would have nailed

the 20 yards 99.% of the time
the 30 yards 95% of the time
the 40 yards about 70-80% of the time
the 50 yards about 20-30% of the time

of course, I would have completely choked in front of thousands of fans in the stands, sigh

and if my percentage estimates are higher than what the pros do, its because there be no hurry to avoid the rush of course.

Kicking off of a tee is a nice bonus as well...for most people anyways


WENDY LOOKS UPSET :cry: :cry: :cry: :lol: :slight_smile: NO KICK FOR YOU!!! NEXT!!!!

most of the time we didn't have tees. someone would hold the ball up on their toes. ahh, those were the days :slight_smile:

I once knew a guy who could throw as far as I could run to catch it

Getting back to the original OPs question "Wendy's Kick for a Million. What Happened?"

I guess no one knows?


since nobody here actually knows, it seems, the best thing to do is contact Wendy's.

Here,give them a call :wink: :wink: :wink: :cowboy: