Wendy's Kick for a Million format needs to be Changed

I don’t know about the rest of you guys but the Kick for a Million format needs to be changed. It’s a great concept but seriously lacking in entertainment appeal. Here’s why in my opinion:

  1. They showed how the guy who earned the right to kick for a $million got his chance. Four contestants were randomly picked. After a number of kicks, it came down to two guys; the 51 year old fellow who we saw at half time and another dude. Because they were tied so to speak, they had a playoff competition. The guy who could kick the ball the farthest in the air got to play for the $million. The problem is the guy who won top spot was only able to kick maybe 30 yards to win top spot and yet he was suppose to try and kick it 50 yards between the uprights for a $million. This was a dead giveaway of we could expect during the finale.

Fast forward to half-time. The guy was obviously very nervous. During the playoff elimination round [whenever that was] the guy was banging them through the uprights at 20 yards and I think even 30 yards. Unfortunately for him he missed from the 20 and the 30. You just knew from the earlier preview he would likely not make the 40 and definitely not come close to making the 50.

Where is the anticipation? The excitement? The drama? The same thing happened last year. Only one guy has ever won it in the 7 years since the contest’s inception.

Maybe they have to make it where the guys that qualify have to demonstrate that they can kick it at least a distance of 50 yards in the air. Officials can leave the accuracy part for the actual finale.

Maybe they should start by having the guy kick for the $million first. If he doesn’t succeed he moves to the 40 for $100,000. If he doesn’t succeed it moves to the 30 for the Truck. If he misses it moves to the 20 and his wife gets to kick either him or the football.lol Regardless there would be less pressure and he would have a better chance. You would think. The drama would still be there and the excitement.

As I say the whole thing is a nice concept and he did get $31,000 but it is too predictable and disappointing.

I’m still working on some way of getting women involved in this Kick for a Million. I don’t know the contest rules but I’ve not seen any women kicking yet. Is it just open the guys?


…yes, well, how about we discuss some actual football here okay?..let us dissect how a gawdamn 3-11 team schools a 8-6 team?

....easy, except for Tate and Paradese get any Stampeder involved....

I thought I was talking "football" or was that a frisbee he was trying to kick through the uprights? Hey, I'm a Lions fan. I loved the outcome of the game tonight! Lemmee say that again. I LOVED the outcome of the game tonight!

they need to invite people to come out and compete for it.

I say you have a Provincial competition. the best from each province then competes in a regional final. which then turns into a semi East vs West final.. and then the final is the best kicker.

who actually has a chance!

lol You sound a little disappointed Red and White.

…ooooops. Sorry… I didn’t see the Stampeder logo.

That makes good sense Cflisthebest. It would take some organizing but the winner does after all have a chance to win what appears to be about $1.2 million in cash and prizes if he hits all the field goals. The way it's set up right now is basically the luck of the draw. 18 million entries vying for one of 4 chances to be selected but those four may have no kicking ability at all. I guess that is why it is a "contest". Anyway you cut it though, the winner took home over $30 grand. Not bad for kicking a football! :thup:

I agree as well it should be something along the lines you suggest cflisthebest, would make more sense.

Just thought I'd throw out there that while it's not very good for the contest's entertainment factor, the point is not to have someone who has a chance to make a 50 yarder kicking it every year. They don't want to give a million bucks away every year.

It would be more exciting if cflisthebest's way was the format, but it'll also never happen.

ya it's not fun as a fan in the stands to watch it when you know before it even begins that he won't get it. it bores the hell out of people.

and why not hold the final in some other city?

how about Edmonton? or B.C.? Montreal?

move it around!

Don't let the "18 million entries" thing fool you. I entered, and every day you can play a game that could give you up to 64 additional entries each day. I don't know how many entries I actually ended up having, but it was at least a couple thousand.

Not sure the contest needs changing. The point is that an average Joe off the street is supposed to have a chance to win one million dollars. That is lost if the guys involved all have demonstrated the ability to kick a 50-yard field goal. I say keep it as is.

How about they choose 8 winners to compete each person gets to pick a cfl kicker and has to hold for there kicker they would have to kick from say 55 or 60 yards .

Hey oilerrocker! I LIKE THAT!

Blogskee.... that is my whole point. The guys who are playing for the million haven't demonstrated that they can kick even 35 yards let alone 50 yards. They previewed how this year's finalist got there. He wasn't even close during the elimination round. When he actually attempted a 30 yard field goal at half-time the ball didn't make it to the goal line.

If the guy cannot make it from the 30 yard line he sure isn't going to make it from the 40 or 50. What is the point in even trying. It isn't just about accuracy, it's about distance. The contest is pointless if they cannot even kick the ball. I'm not suggesting they find a guaranteed winner. I'm saying that they need to make sure that those who enter can at least kick the ball 50 yards. The $million is awarded if they successfully kick it between the uprights- not an easy task.

This years contest was simply boring. So was last years. I'm rooting for the contestant.

I'm sure you know as well as anyone else that Wendy's would literally have to be insane to allow only people who can kick that kind of distance. This contest is a business. Wendy's aren't in it for the entertainment. The only entertainment they get out of it is making money, and if they went out of their way to select people that can kick 50 yards or more, they would be shooting themselves in the foot.

Nahh, they've alrwady had one million dollar winner so it's not so impossible as you say. But of course it's difficult, that's why they have the 20 30 and 40 yard prizes.

The guy today just miffed his 20 yarder and came up about 4 feet short for a truck.

If I practised I should be able to hit a 20 yarder for a TV, washer and dryer. I'm sure a fair number of us could.

Wendy's WANTS to give away the million, it's huge news headlines for them. But it can't be a gimme, it's gotta be tough or else it's not a big deal.

As for making sure that the contestants could all hit from 50, there are a couple of CFL TEAMS that can't find guys like that. And besides, the whole point of the contest is that some average Joe is trying to make pro kicks.

then let's give another company the sponsorship and change it up!

how about Nissan's Kick for a Million?

or Viagra's Kick for a Million? :lol:

change how you get to compete?

for every blue pill you buy you get an entry! hehehe

Prairiedog~ I did not say make sure the contestants could "HIT" FROM 50. I said at least be able to demonstrate that they can boot the ball 50 yards. Booting the ball 50 yards and booting it between the uprights are very different. Even a guy like Paul McCallum, a trained pro was just able to clear 53 yards. I doubt that he could do it 3x in a row. Many pro players can kick a ball 50 yards but rarely get it between the uprights. It is definite no gimme challenging someone who has shown they can kick that far to actually be able to kick it between the uprights.

At 20 yards you can win a $25000 gift certificate. At 30 yards a vehicle. Those distances are attainable I think for most guys. The contestant tonight was hitting them from that at least 20 yards. Add a large crowd and nerves and it becomes more difficult. Wendy's would not be shooting themselves in the foot by making some modifications. The way it is set up now, they may as well eliminate the 50 yard kick. That's just my opinion of course.

B.C. would be a possibility. As for any other CFL stadium, I would much rather kick in the final in a stadium that has a roof, no wind to speak of and is climate controlled.