Wendy's Kick for a million final

What a shame. Steve Olsen has no chance of hitting the 50 yarder. He was BARELY making the 30 yarder. Sinisi actually made a 50 yard kick in the semi. Seeing Sinisi in the final would have been much more entertaining. Time to change the format for making the final. Fans want to see someone who is actually capable of making the 50 yarder.


That is pretty lame. It sounds like the Sinisi guy was actually trying to make field goals from multiple distances, while this Olson guy just coasted. Oh well.

Holy crap! NICE prizes! The guy will make out like a bandit just for showing up! I really LOVE this contest, but I wish I could enter :cry:

Kudos to Wendy's! It's great sponsor, and the food's not bad either. I like their salads.