sorry to post this...but we're done.

i'll maybe watch a few more games while
having a life...but not going to rearrange
family outings, or social events or
whatever else around this team until it gets

A good game now and then doesn't do it,,,

I'll root for my team..but not going to
let life be dictated by this subpar
flash in the pan, good on paper, little ball of whatever ...no more....

Bob ---good luck-- you need it more than you need money---the stuff the rest of us require...and from the wise words
of Mr. Lovitz.... EAT FRESH!


I hear ya,

Just this past Thursday I went to my new boss and had to plead & beg and even offer up my first born to get September 22nd off so I can go to the game when the Ti-Cats are here in Edmonton.

I wonder what kind of jerk I am going to look like when I go back to him and say, never mind.

I hear ya! All week long I get psyched and pumped waiting for the next Ticats game. Always with the hope that the team will turn it around...get better.

But more often than not, I'm left bitter and vastly disappointed by the play of this team.

Does anyone on this team really know what their doing? Game in and game out...season in and season out we're subjected to a pathetic display of football. Meanwhile teams in other cities seem able to turn things around and provide their fans with something to cheer about. I'm very envious of them. I wish I had something to cheer about.

Last night was supposed to be the last game I could go to before I move to calgary, but I gave up my tickets for last night's game to go to a wedding with a beautiful girl. Boy am I ever glad I did that.

Hope you had a good time Rock and Roll Dave. At least at your wedding the drinks were free. Just as you start to get your hopes up with this team , they bomb. It appears that they save their worst games for the fans at IWS.