Ouch…tough loss.
But that said I saw many more positive than negative in the game.
I think they have found their QB and hope Lulay stays in there. I thought the team toughness was the best I’ve seen in 3 seasons. As well, if you take out the drops, the offense looked better than it has in a long time. Defensively the Lions looked solid, more than solid actually.
The negatives were obvious but weren’t about schemes or talent. Focus maybe and were certainly unfortunate.

Good appraisal!

I agree. I think there are some growing pains yet to come. Travis didn't come into the game like we've seen Jarious do in the past - not really sure of himself; he came in with authority - "This is my field!" type of attitude. I like that. I think Casey possessed that edge a few years ago, but needs to recapture it for himself. I hope he finds it again. I hope they keep Travis in for now - let him build on what has started here. Mistakes in the TO game were inevitable; it could have been far worse. I wish though that Chapdelain would be a little more creative; he's becoming too predictable to read.

Close but not quite. Know what that gets you? Lots of time to train in your long off-season.

I agree! Never thought much of him even the one year we won the Grey Cup with him as a Coach. Until Chapedelain is fired, we will continue to have a vanilla, predictable offense and will dwell near the basement of the Western conference.