Well, you don't see this very often!

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If you thing this one is interesting, see if they have a clip of the other no yards, it hits one of Calgary Players in helmet as he was running down the field. I think it was just before the half…

That was funny.

I love Clark's hand signals. NO! NO! NO! 5 yards!

It is weird.

Doesn't Calgary have a special teams coach.

I mean, shouldn't the players be familiar with the rules of the positions they would be playing.

If I was special teams coach (not that i would be a good coach), I think explaining the No yards rule to my American players would be very important.

When you are in the middle of a game, especially in a new form of the game, I am sure it is very easy to forget something like that...

Who was this guy?

What other duties did he have?

He ran for the ball and smacked it with his hand.

When you are a special teams player, it should NOT be easy to forget special teams rules, but I am a hard ass.

If you are a rookie, who has played American rules your whole life, it is quite possible to make such a mistake.... Hardass or not, thats not hard to comprehend


I think it was that Browner guy so to be fair he was starting as well. But I could be wrong.

He just forgot which side of the border he was playin!

Yeah. I mean the guy probably grew up with the NFL rules so it's kinda just a natural thing.

They spent one whole practise on the rules of the CFL for the rookies. Browner just forgot but by the looks of it so did his team mates. They all forgot how to play football this day. :lol: :lol:

This happens every year for the first few games. It's one of the drawbacks of only having two pre-season games.

Well, if CFL had Four pre-season games, that would make this week, WEEK ONE.

Let the CFL season begin.

Just a rookie mistake, but it is kind of funny. I remember when the US expansion started, the Riders were in Sacremento for a pre-season game. The Riders did a two-and-out and had to punt. The returner for the Gold Miners forgot about the CFL rules and called for a fair catch, and Tyrone Jones ignored the 5yd rule and nailed him as he caught the ball!

Well if he ignored the rule, it wasn’t a mistake, was it? :wink: