well, whats next

who is watching what re the Olympics.

My wife likes the figure skating but I lost interest around the time Scott Hamilton disappeared.

I will watch what Hockey I can. My wife likes it too.

My wife also likes the bobsledding. Not my thing.

I like summer O better.

My wife also likes the curling. I might watch some as well.

I don’t mind speed skating, but it doesn’t thrill me.

Skiing, nope.

...i’ll Take it all, whatever the networks are showing...

I much prefer the Winter Olympics to the summer ones, all a personal preference. My favourite is the downhill skiing, those skiers have the nerves of steel to fly down the hill at that speed with the bumps and turns. And much prefer hockey over basketball. Also like the short track speed skating, crazy stuff.

The only Olympic sport that I am interested in that involves men is the hockey but when it comes to the women I really like the summer Olympics. You know, swimming, diving, polo, high jump, pole vault, volleyball and all running events. ;D

I will be checking out this year's Olympics just to get through February.


Skeleton is nutso as well, love watching this stuff, Winter Olympics has drama as the ability to kill yourself is there. Summer Olympics, ok maybe the gymnastics stuff on the appartus, some of that is crazy as well.

Always liked the Winter Olympics but I fell in love with it with the Vancouver Games .

So many stories and interviews that year that touched the heart . Everyday people who are not so far removed from us regular folks succeed or fail in their chosen sport was touching . That year the background of the athletes was so well done you felt you knew them as neighbours down the street .

Luge,Skeleton and Bobsled.
Nerves of steel down the track at speeds at 100km +.

Will watch to see how Kaillie Humphries does this time out.

Olympics gives us a chance to watch athletes who train for years with in a sport with little to no exposure.
Athletes doing it for the love of the sport, not for the almighty dollar.

I like the sports you don't see all the time.. Bob sledding, skiing events racing and jumping, bobsledding luge, things like that....
You know the events they don't spend hardly any time showing on tv

I fell in love with the Olympics as an 11-year-old during the 1980 winter games in Lake Placid. It was a perfect marriage of my two main interests, sports, and geography (in fact, it was during that opening ceremony that I had to enlighten my parents as to where Andorra was located, what sixth grader doesn't enjoy making mom and dad look stupid).

I absolutely live for these 17 days that take place every other year, and I will make it a point to watch as much as I can of every sport. Thankfully with internet on-demand streaming of the world feed, I can work the Games around my life and not my life around the Games (I love cross-country skiing, but I am not getting up at 2 am Saturday to watch it).

It has been a rough few years for Olympic junkies like me. The Russian doping scandal, the organizationaldisaster that was Rio 2016, and the lessened interest on the part of potential host cities have caused more negative headlines than positive. Hopefully, we can just focus on sport during the next few weeks. There will be plenty of time to tackle the other issues afterward.

Will there ever be another moment like this .........

I suspect there has been a few, but I couldn't prove it. I don't even remember this one, sigh

I see Kevin doesn't like my title :slight_smile:

Faves to watch are skiing events, snowboard events, and luge, bobsled, skeleton etc. Hockey is a close second to the mountain sports at any Winter Olympics.

Gonna be interesting to see what fan and athlete reactions will be once the first Russian athlete hits the podium. What was supposed to be a total Russian ban has now turned into nearly a full complement of Russian athletes competing.

Proof the IOC is rigged, IMO.

watched a bit of Canada mixed curling today. I found myself more interested than I expected. Saw them beat China.

absolutely love the cfl sized hockey rinks in other continents.

There has been a few.. But that goal will never compare to the '72 summit series.

"Miracle on Ice" with the the Americans winning the gold in Lake Placid agains't the Russians was unbelieveable. Even though I'm not American, that will be etched in my memory forever.

I second that 72 was just bigger and meant more at the time . The schools had TV's in the gym and we listened on the radio in the classroom when Henderson scored . I just think media caught up to the moments in the present so you can record the reaction better but that moment he scored in 72 the whole country felt vindicated we were still the best at hockey . The whole country felt like we were at war with Russia and communism not just hockey it was about our way of life .

I agree about Hendersons goal and the reaction to it. The Americans winning the gold in 1980 was 'miraculous' but did not have a Henderson or Crosby goal moment where about 80% of the country went completely bonkers all at once.

In fact the biggest moment in that USA 'miracle' was when they beat the Russians - which was not the Gold Medal game. But that game against the Russians wasn't even shown live on American TV. Those near the border (and in Lake Placid itself) could see the game live on Canadian TV - but most of America watched that 'Do you believe in miracles?' win by the USA on tape delay in prime time on ABC about 5 hours tape delayed.

One of the funniest images related to the 2010 Gold Medal game - this chart that compares water usage in Edmonton on the Saturday afternoon (the day before the Gold Medal game) with the Sunday during the game. And because so many people were flushing toilets after each period or after the anthem - the water use chart looked like this.