Well, well, well

Guess some of your guys' worst fears were recognized. Going back to the Grey Cup game for the third time in four years will likely mean (deserved) contract extensions, or at least offers, to Taman, Miller, and Hopson.

Maybe we should look at the type of contract Tillman was trying to negotiate for himself that automatically kicked in if certain goals (home playoff games, grey cup appearances, etc) were reached?

Keep everybody! Although, maybe get somebody to work on our special teams, they are just ineffective.

Personally, I have no issue with any other those gentlemen returning next year. The person I do not want to see back is Jim Daley. Hopefully our success at the Grey Cup will not make management forget how bad our special teams are, as once again, we won in spite of them,

I have a feeling that in February or March, the Riders will quietly announce that Jim Daley has retired..

I hope so too!