well well well.. I was Right!

as I predicted back at the end of the year..

The Eskimos have Released Jarred Zabransky!

you're welcome! :stuck_out_tongue:


Your prize : A turd in a box of green dustbain ! Yay !

Is the turd green too?

Anyway congrats on your prophecy CFLIsTheBest.

I'll admit I was completely wrong. I honestly didn't think Tillman would release him.

congrats on being the third smartest in sask behind gainer the gopher and that turd HfxTC sent you

I heard a rumour that Gainer is really Harper. Or maybe it was Ralph.

what is that they say about a broken clock... :wink:

really, when it comes to tillman, ya never know what that little pissant is gonna do.

That’s engraved now. Every time I read “Tillman” I think Pissant LOL !

Wrong mascot. Ralph the dog and Ralph Klein have never been seen together while Harvey the Hound and Harper are supposedly one and the same. :wink:

I didn't realize Edmonton was in Saskatchewan. Seems you may not exactly be the Eisnstien you think you are. I'm guessing the closest you have ever been to being mistaked as such was when you had a stye in your Eye.

I suspect Zabransky will reappear on another squad…perhaps BC.

I"m not so sure; I wasn't very impressed with what I saw from him last year. I won't be suprised if no one picks him up. Not saying you're wrong, Flag, but I sure won't be surprised if we don't see him in the CFL this season.