Well this will make some of you happy Schultzy picks Cats

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/risky-business-division-final-picks-in-the-cfl-1.138460]http://www.tsn.ca/risky-business-divisi ... l-1.138460[/url]

Yup,here ya go.....Schultzy is picking the Cats and Stamps for the Grey Cup. I guess for those that take his picks rather personally (no names mentioned :wink: )this will make you very happy and hopefully it will change certain peoples opinions of the BIGMAN also known as Schultz. :slight_smile:

Oh NO!

Got to be concerned about the week off with no practice ,then we now practice indoors all week.

But, I am a worrier,so ,what else is new.

Go Cats!!

Pulled the chicken switch and played it safe by an FG. Doesnt explain how MTL gave game away two weeks ago despite getting outplayed in almost every facet including coaching.

Just for fun I've reposted the link to the thread when Schultzy had the audacity to pick us to miss the playoffs and actually lose to these very same Alouettes a couple weeks ago. :smiley: I wonder if some posters who slagged him in the earlier thread(no names mentioned.....again :wink:)will suddenly change their tune in this thread. I only hope that Schultzy picking us to win doesn't place the Hex on us :lol: I have to admit that it's awful BIG of Schultz to actually be a CAT backer this time around :slight_smile:


Now I'm worried. Chris "I know nussink" Schultz has picked our opponent in pretty much every one of our victories. And now he picks us to win. Uh-oh.


[knock wood]

Just took him this long to buy in :slight_smile:

  1. They Played 13 straight games they needed a break
    2)Friday practice will be at THF.why practice in a snow storm with frigged temps when the game will be a balmy +8 with rain
  2. Dont worry we got this :slight_smile:

I don't know if they will practice Friday or not, but they are scheduled to practice at THF today (Thursday).

Ya baby Ticats win and face Calgary and beat them to win the cup just like the Little Generals team "cats99"
Ps it's my Burthday on Sunday :rockin:

I can’t think of a better birthday present, than the Cats winning!

Drew Edwards reported this morning that they are indeed practicing indoors again today, not at THF as was previously reported.