Well this is different

ESPN Classic is showing the '94 Grey Cup right now.
Except they're showing the ESPN2 broadcast of the game.
Gus Johnson (now with CBS) on play-by-play. The analyst's voice sounds familiar too but I can't place it. Chris Cuthbert is the sideline reporter.

Baltimore's up 14-3 right now. I sure hope BC can come back. We can't have an American team winning our cup! That would be almost as bad as toronto winning it.

Should we bet on it??

I'm playing the pro-line tie.

Also, I've counted at least 3 or 4 hits on the QBs that would be called roughing today.

And the analyst keeps calling Less Browne "Lester".

I know the analyst your talking about. It's Mike Mayock. He covers the draft for NFL Network now.

Yeah, they eventually said his name. I knew I recognized the voice. He also did some college football for CBS and ABC/ESPN I think.

Now I can't wait to cash in this ticket!