Well...the universe unfolds as it was meant to

Well........ what can we say guys? The game was for the taking. Actually, I enjoy "turnovers"................. as in apple turnovers. I guess it's back to the drawing board. Full credit to the Ti-Cats for hanging in there for the win. Some great plays by both teams....and some real stinkers.

Speaking of stinkers, how about the referees?

The game was set for ruin with the touchdown the Ti-Cats were spotted on the correct call overturned, but then the Lions did themselves in as you explain. :thdn:

Serious time for CFL referee overhaul how much more of these awful calls can we take? (see related thread)

Ok this is what Emptyset saw tonight. Early in the game after continuous throwing Lions call a playaction. Why the hell would you call a playaction if you have not run the ball once! Secondly, do they not understand this is not flag football and you need to keep the defense honest. If you are going to throw the ball continuously yes there are going to be interceptions.If the defense is playing pass the whole game you bet the offensive line is going to have problems. No fault of Printers, he is bailing out even when the line is giving him protection...this is just compounding. Bad calls happen,drop balls happen, penalties happen no excuses. Through out the entire game I had this uneasy feeling the Lions are far from being where they were a few years ago. Gut feeling offense wa going to implode!

Not much has been said about this but our front defensive four have not been able to pressure quarterbacks all season unless they are helped out. Brent Johnson has been a warrior but we need youth. Maybe a loss is a good thing as hopefully issues can be corrected.

Yeah, it was a disappointing ending. You knew the second Messam fumbled - it was over. Not to take anything away from the Ticats, but the Lions beat themselves. Dropped balls from receivers, fumbles by the backs, fumbles by Casey - plus 2 interceptions. Oh yeah,...and consistent late appearances by Tad Crawford. Hamilton capatalized and made them pay; they deserve the win.
However, some good things: Did you notice: It seemed for the most part that Casey had time to read from the pocket, but for some reason it broke down in the 4th quarter(??). Casey's arm looked strong; he throws a bullet like no other QB I know. Apart from Messam's untimely fumble, his running looked good. Black adds a lot to the receiving core. Paris Jackson caught an amazing TD (loved his Green Bay celebration after).
Despite the loss, I think they have reason to feel good about their chances - if they can correct their mistakes. They are starting to gel.