Well the Grey Cup table has been set…

Well the Grey Cup table has been set…

We know who is coming to dinner but we don't know who the main course will be!

The Hamilton Ti-Cats vs The Calgary Stampeders. The showdown begins at approximately 3:00PM PST here in lotusland. I actually had to go out and buy more sunscreen, the weather here has been so balmy. :wink:

Like many of you I saw both the Western and Eastern Finals. it was clear by the score which teams were deserving of being in the Grey Cup.

While the Als destroyed the Lions last week on the scored board they were no match for the Ti-Cats. I thought the Esks would give the Stamps a run for their money. I even thought the Esks had a chance of knocking off the Stamps. it was not going to happen. The Stamps are just too good.

Who will win the Grey Cup in B.C. Place on November 30, 2014? I'm cheering for the Ti-Cats for my own personal reasons. However, the way the Stamps have been playing all year and the way they dismantled the Esks in the Western Final it is all too clear that the Calgary Stampeders as a team is in a class of its own.

The one mistake the Stamps could make is to take the Ti-Cats lightly. They won't. They know the Ti-Cats are hungry and they know the Ti-Cats can't think of anything they would rather do than stick it to the top CFL team that has been winning at will. If the Ti-Cats can keep it close and not allow the Stamps to run away with it the Ti-Cats could bring the Grey Cup to Hamilton.

The Stamps' RB Jon Cornish is a powerhouse and can destroy the opposition single handedly but the Esks proved for the most part he can be contained. That is one issue for the Ti-Cats. The other issue is that QBs Mitchell and Tate for the Stamps are both healthy and very good. What do you do?

The Ti-Cats have their share of weapons. The Stamps for sure have Banks in the cross-hairs. Can Banks be shut down? To avoid a complete blow out the Ti-Cats are going to have to be firing on all cylinders and keep costly mistakes to a minimum. Collaros will have to be composed and not get injured. The Ti-Cats' D will have to shut down the deep threat early or the Stamps will simply toy with the Ti-Cats.

The Ti-Cats made it to the Grey Cup last year but lost. The Stamps made it to the Grey Cup in 2012 but lost. It is safe to say that one team will not repeat that again this year!

As an aside…

Both of these teams met in the 1999 Grey Cup here in lotusland with The Ti-Cats prevailing 32-21! The year before that they met in Winnipeg with Calgary prevailing [but just].

My hope is that the refs do not determine the outcome of the game and that the game is close. Both teams earned the right to be in the Grey Cup and hopefully will give all fans a great and entertaining season Finale.


At least that is close by Lions standards!

:D Care to wager ???? The Stamps are playing the Cats not the Riders if they were then I'd say your prediction would be bang on. :P Trust me on this, no matter which team ends up winning on Sunday....this game will NOT be a blowout....I repeat will NOT be a blowout. Congrats by the way to the Stamps,Huf and the entire Calgary organization on a job well done :thup:

Good luck to ya on Sunday and may the best team win :cowboy: OSKI-WEE-WEE LUV IT !!! Calgary vs Hamilton:Round three…the Rubber Match Cup…1998-Calgary Stampeders…1999-Hamilton Tiger-Cats…2014-??? And despite all the BS that’s been tossed around in here all year about the league,the supposed superior West the supposed inferior East and everything else inbetween… believe me the two BEST teams this season will be playing this year in the Grey Cup and you can take that to the BANK(s) :smiley: all day long. :rockin:

Calgary all the way !

You are gonna meet a team that has a TRUE head coach, a TRUE special team coach and TRUE offensive coordinator.

This time you won't out coach the opponent which is where you won first yesterday and 2 weeks ago....Brace yourself Hamilton, Cornish is back and healthy...

all I know is that unless you are the 1969 NY Jets, overt bravado does not generally lend itself to on-field victory.
On too many an occasion overconfidence can be self-destructive regardless of talent.

On paper it is apparent the Stamps are the more formidable opponent, but this is a one game winner take all scenario in which even the very best can have an off day. (and/or the underdog to overachieve)

case in point;
since 2008, the Stamps have had the greatest accumulated win/loss percentage of all CFL teams and yet faltered each and every year during the playoffs.
...and more often than not, the regular season champion fails to win the Grey Cup that same year.

yes, the Stamps may very well blow out the Cats.....or not...
but as past history reveals, the best team during the season means nothing at this stage.

The Stamps with a healthy squad and our squad riddled with injuries went 7-10 with us their first game and 30-20 with us their second game. Both of those games we were running a second string QB. That being said, that was the start of the season. Both teams have only gotten better since then. The Stamps are the only team the Ti-Cats have yet to beat this year, and it's been said many a time, it's very hard to sweep a team in the CFL. Being able to say "There is no asterisk there, we beat every team at least once this year" has to be a motivator beyond the simply fact it's the Grey Cup.

Cornish is great and is always a factor, but the Ti-Cat defense is known for swallowing up the run, allowing only a league leading 72.7 rushing yards per game. League high rushing vs league best rush defense. Should be a great battle to watch, but I think these two factors will equalize each other out, and that to me favors defense, but who knows.

I think when you look at the stats, how good Hamilton is at brutalizing the run, the fact the Stamps are 6th in receiving, most of the yards going to Marquay McDaniel and him having Delvin Breaux stuck on him vs the Ti-Cats 2nd in the league. I think also Hamilton has a much better edge on special teams with Banks and Sinkfield who have been making run backs for 30+ or TDs like they are going out of style. Still, you can't look past the Stamp's ability to produce turnovers and find ways to run the ball and use Cornish and Bo Levi Mitchell, as well as the staggering depth they have.

If Hamilton loses this game, it will be because of turnovers killing drives and lack of offense. The Stamps have 3 top 10 interception players and while Collaros has gotten better at not throwing picks, he's never had to deal with the pressure of the big game. The Cats have often had to rely of offense from other sources so that is a item of concern. I think if Calgary loses this game, it will from failing to establish a run game. Bo Levi is also having his first Grey Cup, and if the run starts to fail the pressure and the Ti-Cat defense might be too much.

This game I truly believe could go either way, and will come down to not making mistakes. I sincerely hope this will be another close affair and that the demons of last year have been exorcised.

[i]Hey bozo8224. The final score will be something like:

[b]Calgary Stampeders 63

Hamilton MRX Ti-Cats 9

I don't think the NBA stops when the super bowl is on , the NHL cares less about the CFL , I remember in 2006 when the lions won the cup the canucks were playing right after at home, the canucks did not even have any tribute or announcement that the lions won the cup