Well, that's it for the season/Bombers out of PO

The Bombers are playing only for respect again, it sucks but the bloody management better get a good team together and then make the playoffs next year!!!! or I propose a firing squad.

We still got 4 games left, hope the Bombers don't slake off now!!!


agreed KK, they have been dicking around for a year and a half now so it is time to see some positives especially on defense.

I kinda seen this coming and I knew Hamilton wouldn't beat Calgary yesterday.. but with our 3 games left to finish this ugly year (Toronto, BC & Calgary) lets make the best out of them!

Lets go Bombers. This Sunday - Toronto gets beat!

changes at linebacker for the TO. game....Wickman out....new guy Tupuila in.....Malbrough starts as well......should be interesting ....we'll get a good look at some new blood....let the 06' campaign begin...even though it's a little early.. :shock: :roll:

Remeber the bombers are a QB away from having a good team. Glen needs time or a replacement is required.

I actually think glenn's doing very well will his mediocre receiving core.

are you on crack? we dont need a new QB Glenn is a very good QB and he's quite young and he has better stats than some of the best QB's in the league including hank

Milt Stegall is the best receivers in the league. The Bombers also have Brazzell, Stokes etc. The problem is not the receivers, I think it has to be coaching because the talent is there in my opinion but they just can't seem to get out of the basement.

If the team played like they did today, 2006 should be a really great season for the Blue and Gold and we should make the playoffs easy! :wink: