Well that was quick!

I guess Corey Mace really didn’t want to play for Hamilton. That, or Obie didn’t want to give in to his salary demands. (And I agree with him)

“Mace, who has spent the past two seasons with the Buffalo Bills in the NFL, has already agreed to terms with Toronto.”

From the article: http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=286077

  • paul

I don't see that quote in the article. Are you sure it's from the TSN article, or some other?

I caught Adam Rita on the FAN590 this morning, and he denied that Mace has signed. Said the deal was only finalized this morning and that he hasn’t even talked to Mace or his agent yet.

It was in there! They must have edited it! Damn you Internet fluid documents!

  • paul

why do you guys have like six threads on the same topic??? are there no mods on this forum???

Apparently they're all out buying their new "3rd" jerseys.

Spys are not welcome in Tigertown!!!