well, that was fun

87 points scored in last nights PHiWASH game.

so much for NO FUN League bullshit

My Eagles destroyed. Whaddup!!!

I think the wrong guy signed the huge contract yesterday!!!!

Vick was awesome, reminded me of Flutie running around out there. A good reason if you're a football fan, while you might prefer one league over another for whatever reason, you should love all football.
I like McNabb though and wish him the best. Well, don't have to wish him, he's got the money as you say, but still, likeable guy.

I still have a ton of love for McNabb, but seeing as how he is no longer officially an Eagle, all I could say last night was, "Tough Break".

My buddy only likes the NFL and his favorite team is the Eagles, but he is still thinking they should go with Kolb in the future. I have been telling him all year than Vick is a better choice and even after last night he was still in favour of Kolb.

They need to lock Vick up sooner rather than later too... I could easily see a 6 year / $90m deal or so, maybe even higher. Of course the most important number will be the guaranteed money for skill and injury. He will be out of bankruptcy in no time haha...

well, Vick is an incredible athlete, and the Eagles have been my most constant favorite NFC team for the last 30 yrs, except for the barry sanders detroit yrs.

However, I do not like Vick as a person and I am greatly saddened by him being on the eagles as it means I need to find another NFC team to cheer for. All MY other favorite teams are in the AFC.

Thanks God Doug Flutie never did anything (that we know about) so bad.

He paid the price. He paid a greater price than any of us here would have had to pay for the same thing.

well, I didnt say he should still be paying any price, just that I dont like him and will not cheer for him. cannot cheer for him

just the same as with Dany Heatley

Heatley's situation was 200x worse imo... He ended a human life.

But I see what you are saying to a point.

"87 points scored in last nights PHiWASH game.

so much for NO FUN League bullshit"

Really now??? That kind of score in the NoFunLeague is a true anomaly.

average pts per game per team in NFL so far this yr is 22.25.
average pts per game per team in CFL this yr was 26.50

Very little difference.

i dont think you can call yourself a true football fan while hating either the cfl or nfl. its football, very minor differences, but its still football. its really nice to see people embrace the cfl, but its not neccessary to condem the other game. on the vick issue... i hate when people say i can't cheer for a player or the team that player plays for because of something like vick has done in the past. if anything i respect him more. he could have easily just thrown around money till he got out of the situation or had it kept quiet or thrown somebody else under the bus (ray lewis) but he did not. he owned up to his mistakes, payed his price, and now is making a remarkable comeback. the man didnt molest little kids, he didnt shoot someone or get caught taking or buying hard drugs. what he did is illegal, but as a previous poster mentioned he payed more than anyone you know would for the same crime. dont judge him for his mistakes in his personal life. if you like the eagles that is a brutal reason to jump off the bandwagon. go vick go, go eagles go.

He abused..mistreated...and killed innocent animals. Do NOT sugar coat this simply because YOU like the idiot!! And he did NOT pay nearly enough for what he did! You use the word "Mistakes". Dropping a glass of milk you just poured is a "mistake" an "accident". Organizing..financing..betting on...and making good money on the suffering, mistreatment, abuse and death's of innocent animals who have no say in what happens to them WAS A CHOICE!!!! not a mistake!! He knew what he was doing was cruel and inhumane and CHOSE to continue. Great role model for the kids huh?? His punishment should have been the same treatment the dogs got!!

X2 :thup:

How would you suggest he should have paid for his crime? I am honestly interested.

PS Are you a Michael Jackson fan by any chance?

considering the following

"Dogs that did not perform up to expectations were killed by electrocution, hanging, drowning and other violent means by the dogfighting ring. Hudson said evidence, including statements by the co-defendants, showed Vick was more directly involved than he admitted. Hudson also mentioned that Vick had been deceptive on a polygraph test. Though that evidence was not admissible in court, the results were discussed.

"He did more than fund it," prosecutor Michael Gill said, referring to the "Bad Newz Kennels" dogfighting operation. "He was in this thing up to his neck with the other defendants."

30 days in a hot box comes to mind, for starters

he should have been sentenced to over 2 yrs and not let out before 2 yrs.

He should have been sent to a harsher prison and put into poulation where every once in a while, someone would kick the crap out of him, so that he could experience some of what the dogs experienced.

They should have made some estimate of how much money Vick made from this and fined him triple.

20% of all his future earnings should be goint to Humane Society, or SPCA or whatever they have down there.

He should have also been sentenced to 2 yrs probation during which he should have had to put in time helping rescue and care for abused animals.

Agreed. Although bias because I liked the guy before this ordeal, he paid the price, did he dues and is now getting a second chance. I'm a big believer that people can make mistakes and correct themselves. I won't say I ever felt sorry for Vick since he brought it upon himself but kudos to him if he's rebuilding his life to be a good, decent human being.

Uhh no. People worry about animals in this situation wayyy too much.

Being let out of jail early as you know is not uncommon for good behavior. And if I am not mistaken, out of the people from his dog company or whatever you want to call it, Vick had the most harsh penalty - not including the money he lost. I don’t know anything about the jail he was in though.

Why would you want him to be hurt? I do not see how that makes the situation any better when it is not a human who was hurt. And why would somebody beat him up?

From what I read in the past, he himself didn’t make any money, or at least very little. He bankrolled it though, which is different.

He had to put $1,000,000 into an account to care for the dogs. As I said before, I do not believe he made much money himself, but if he did, I would strongly believe that $1,000,000 is much more than triple any profits.

And he is on 3 years probation and he IS helping the humane society.

I think this bothers people because they think that this type of stuff doesn’t happen in North America. The fact is, unfortunately, is that is does. When then news broke out about this dogfighting ring, a lot of people, including myself learned that it is pretty common in the South. Some even said it was part of the culture down there. I do not support dog fighting and I think it is unnatural to be honest. But I also believe we have worse problems in this world than dogfighting. If anything, the investigation brought the issue to the public’s eye, which I think it probably a good thing. And really, around the world, worse things happen to animals like in parts of Asia where they skin animals alive.

The other thing I am wondering is if you or me was doing what he did, what type of penalty could we expect assuming we had the same criminal background? I honestly do not think it would be worse.

Guess you didn't read the last sentence of my post?