Well, that was embarrassing..


Oh well, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Yes it was. I had to stop watching as it was making me mad.

...doesn't make me mad whatsoever, but it was a horrendous "effort"...

If you don't mind watching the riders play when their defense didn't play up to standard, the o-line played poorly, poor coaching decissions, poor play selection, poor specialty playing, poor Qb decissions and the riders losing it wasn't that bad. :wink: We stunk up the joint in nearly all facets of the game. :thdn: Only bright spots were Dressler and Gestlaff. Next weeks bright spots may be the return of Cates, Flick, Mckenzie, and maybe Fantuz. We are not mathamatically out of a 1st place finish. With us having to play Hamilton at home, Edmonton at home and TO on the road. Calgary still has to play Winnipeg at home, Hamilton on the road, and BC in Calgary I believe. If Edmonton can take out BC at home on friday, loose to us on the road, and loose to Montreal we will be fine. BC on the other hand has to loose to Edmonton on the road, probably beat TO at home and beat Calgary in Calgary. I predit that Calgary is going to loose to Hamilton in Hamilton, and BC is going to loose to Edmonton in Edmonton.
We just have to win our next 3 games and go into the playoffs in first place then.

Let me see my offence goes in at half time with 4 points can't get anything going, i think knowing i have a decent backup i would put him in if even if its only for a few plays, give Bishop some look on the sidelines sometimes this helps a QB or maybe the backup comes in and lights it up? no the coach waits until game is way out of reach and now the backup comes in playing desperate football, Bishop did not play well and their coaching staff needs to wake up! i say Durant gets a start.

Lets see MB has had 1 good game out of how many? He pretty much has to drive us into the core of the earth before hes pulled, and he always gets the start... Yep they are trying to screw out Durrant and quite frankly i understand him not wanting to be here. I honestly don't think he's our future but he is capable of getting a lot more done than we have been.

Ken Miller keeps saying this is performance based business. So Bishop has one good game last week and gets the start today...ok fine he stinks up the joint so his performance was not up to par he should not start next week. To me performance based doesn't mean well we lost but Bishop threw for X-yrds performance is about points and winning it would be differnet if say bishop threw for 450yrds and 5 TD's but we lost by a feild goal now that would be performance. Miller keeps saying this but Bishop has started every game and won 2 in a row then lost 3 in a row then won 1 then lost again to me losing 4 of 7* games doesn't give me any confidence that this is performance based this is starting to sound like BS based. I dont know if Durant can get it done I dont think he wants to anymore
*thought about it Durant did come in relief of Bishop against BC so you could say Durant lost that game

Lots of blame to go around. special teams penalties and lack of a return game,1st down running plays leaving us 2nd and long, defense gave up 3 big plays for td's...........not just Bishop.
Being spanked by the best team in the league is one heck of a wake up call.