Well that sucked...

Wow thats some heavy duty stuff man,

Great perspective from Steve, this article really helped me recover from what happened last night! :thup:

Yup that was a weak call. However there were 2 bad facemask calls that never got called either. I thought overall it was a well reffed game.

The roughing the kicker hurt your team but they let the 1st one go so had to call that one as it was pretty blatant.

off the top of my head..DLine was dragged down just about everytime they broke through the line(which was a decent amount of times). Pass int on Fantuz. Tasker, I believe it was, dropped a pass ,play was dead and a Rumpriders clocked him Ref was right beside them. Grant was tackled by the back of his helmet again right in front of the ref

Taunting lol. Like I said we made our fair share of mistakes but refs were piling on.

To the victor go the spoils so we tip our hat to the Riders. Having said that, am I the only person who thinks we were a stop away on second and nineteen from making the game very, very interesting? We had shut the Riders out in the third quarter.

Obviously, we needed to play much better but when you make a sack and do not recover the fumble, whack DD and he coughs up the ball for a fluke 30 yard gain (no idea how that can possibly be considered a rush for Sheets?) Snap the ball early and yet force a third fumble. DD fumbled three times folks, we just didn't take advantage of any of them for majors which an experienced team does.

I believe that this game was a painful, very hard, but necessary learning experience for the young Tiger-Cats. We needed to stop the run again stating the obvious. We need more depth at safety (with all do respect to King- he is not fast enough) and we need pressure from the d-line which I personally think is the number one priority in the off season after signing Henry for two more years. If you can only bring pressure using linebackers there are holes which can be exploited.

I would also look to upgrade the depth at o-line because you cannot give up the number of sacks we gave up this year and yes Henry needs to rollout more, run more and get rid of the ball faster.

Overall I think we can and I hope will be better than 10-8 next year unless the league gives the extra games against Ottawa to Toronto which I can see happening. It's also going to be very interesting with regard to all the changes with the expansion draft for every team, the Cats included.

Either way, though bitterly disappointed personally and for my 15 year old who still has not witnessed a Ticat win in the Grey Cup I cannot even imagine how badly the players feel.

It was tremendous to get back to being a contender again. Thank you to Bob, Kent, Orlondo and the players for a great 2013. I I am really looking forward to cheering the team on in 2014 season from our season seats at the new THF!

Full disclosure, I am a Rider fan.

That being said, you have to know that most of Rider Nation is green with envy that Hamilton has Austin, Fantuz, and Congi. We were happy to be playing the Ti-Cats because those guys would be back in town and they are all loved here. Hamilton totally deserved to be in the Grey Cup, you guys fought your way here, it was no fluke. And while the cockier Rider fans were saying it was going to be a blowout, most of the rest (including hometown commentators) were warning of a close game. No one really thought it would go the way it did.

So, say what you want, the game went the way it did. Ti-Cats are strong and I think will be monstrous next year.

Absolutely! I can tell you that I spoke to many fellow Rider fans that were plenty nervous in that third quarter. The tide could have turned very quickly.

And best post-game quote comes from Austin to a reporters' dumb question:

Question: "Do you feel you have this team posted in the right direction?"

Austin: "[laughs] Well, two teams made it to the Grey Cup. You tell me."


I don't think SSK are that good. I think it was simply a question of the Riders being a bit better prepared combined with the brutal truth that SSK just matches up very well against Hamilton. It happens with two teams sometimes. For example, Hamilton beat my Als and then smoked Toronto only to lose to SSK. But the Als split the series with SSK, held Durant in check in both games, and would have won both had they not allowed a very late TD in the last minute of the game.

All this to say ... sometimes a certain team / coach / player just has your number. No shame in that at all. I think Hamilton should be proud of what they accomplished this year.

Agreed !! :thdn: