well, so much for that.

I am somewhat tired of seeing montreal at the top of the east so much since they returned from baltimore. Was hoping either the cats or the argos would improve enough to overtake them. Guess not this yr.

Ya but Al's may be the best bet to beat Calgary if they are in the GC, or BC if makes it, they have already proven they can beat the Als.

I am surprised by the Argos this year. They’re doing better than I expected. Winnipeg and Hamilton are underachieving though. More Winnipeg but Hamilton is not having the sucess against the top teams consistently. I thought Hamilton would challenge Montreal this year. Love to see someone else go from the east. Tired of the Grey Cup being the west final (unless they’re playing Saskatchewan without a case of beer).

Hamilton was supposed to really put heat on montreal for first and were grey cup favorites.Stamps were picked to finish dead last or close to.My how the CFL screws with predictions :lol:

I predicted both stamps and ticats for first, and both lions and bombers for last. Guess I will be 50 %

You have to keep in mind Toronto is a young team right now. The Argos will be a lot better next season.

The only way Montreal wins the Grey Cup is if by some miracle Edmonton makes it. They're even lost to BC. Say what you want about Calvillo being out that game but he only plays quarterback and BC made them look sick in every aspect of the game. If not for Sasketchewans inability to count players on the field (I like the case of beer idea) Montreal would have lost in 5 consecutive Grey Cups appearances. They're still 2-5 in 7 appearances in 10 years. They are not a big game team.

I picked Montreal first, Hamilton 2nd. My Grey Cup picks were Hamilton and Sasketchewan. Still could happen.

Chief I'm happy with the progress the Argos have made this year. Done better than I expected and brought a positive attitude back to the team. I expected them to have an outside shot at a playoff spot and here we are going into game 12 and they have an outside shot at FIRST and a realistic shot at 2nd.

After the Bart Andrus fiasco I'm thrilled with their season so far.

Pretty sure that's what I called too, I know for sure I said SSK vs HAM for the cup.Still a possibility, just an ever fading one :lol:

On a positive note, Baggs had a pretty good debut.He made a sweet run stop on Cates and on another play got a sack/strip.
Not quite what I was expecting but I saw flashes there so I least we know he's still got it in him.

Being an Argo fan it pains me to say anything positive about Hamilton but I've had a good feeling about the team since they hired Marcel Bellefeuille. It was especially painful last year when Hamilton had him and the Argos tried to play without a coach.