Well... So much for a decent game..

Sustained drives... Quality play.. All thrown away.. Lets all forget this season ever happened.

I thought it was a good game.

Bungle has gone nuts.

It was... It was low scoring, but we actually had some sustained drives.. We had limited stupid penalties and ridiculous turnovers...Then Wham!!.. The game is ruined by another 13th man incident... Not quite as brutal, but close... The sad part is that Banks would of dodged that dude easily.

Awesome game and saying.this as a fan of tbe losing team. WTF Hf :?

Seriously, do us all a favor and find something else to watch. You don't like the CFL nor Canada, and they don't like you

It was a great game. I enjoyed it. I don't think we've seen the last of these two QB going head to head in championship games.

It was terrific. Even as a Ticat fan, it still felt good to end the season on a high(?) note. Crowd was really loud and into it?

Great game right down to the last play and you cannot ask more then that.

I thought it was a good game too. The better team won but it was competitive.

Weak call decided the game that's what happens when you don't have a ten point buffer. Maybe Hamilton will finally get some respect after this loss, but sadly doubt it. A win by 4 points is nothing to gloat about.

Good game though otherwise.

Weak call? You can’t shove a guy in the back, especially if he has a clear shot at making the tackle.

It was on the side, but doesn't matter. Have to get a buffer to reliably win a game.

You either need glasses or a new television.

Um no it wasn't. His right hand was on the 5 on the back of the Calgary player's jersey. Your helmet has to be in front of the guy you are blocking in order for it to be a legal block.

It was the right call. There was one major called on the stamps that shouldn't have been that lead to a 1st and goal, and one for the late hit on the sidelines against that likely should have been, but overall this was a well officiated game.

As much as we all wanted to see Speedy B score, that was the right call.


it is not possible for a more obvious call.

At least the Ti-Cats made it a game at the end. Unfortunately, it was too little too late. Thank GOD it wasn't a blowout!! That's why I love the CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE!!!

It was a terrific game to end a poor season. I am sad the Ticats lost but tiny steps. Next year we will win.