Well... (sigh)... it's finally official ...


The NFL, with all its gluttonous exposure, has officially jumped the shark.

[url=http://www.thestar.com/sports/football/article/799580--nfl-draft-goes-hollywood]http://www.thestar.com/sports/football/ ... -hollywood[/url]

I can't wait to see Commissioner Melissa Rivers announcing draft selections.
OMG-- Somebody else is wearing the same jersey that I am! :thdn:


Definitely that NFL production including especially that song "Empire State Of Mind" that they continued to play, with way, way too many commercial breaks, was over the top but again they got almost record ratings, just barely missing the 2006 mark, for the draft.

Next year somehow I will watch the coverage of the NFL Network over ESPN, which basically covered it as if it were still 1999 with four of the five same dudes there since about that time or longer.

The best thing ESPN could do is drop that loud-mouth and now refatted Berman, who has apparently dropped the Nutrisystem and is back at Applebee's too often, and keep that same crew including even the antagonistic Kiper who did the best with his projections amongst the entire media.

And then there was that lame Todd McShay with that unnecessary fun board on that wall, manipulating it as if he just wanted to show off his prowess with his [censored] on it rather that providing any substance. He is still playing with that stupid thing too.

What a lame excuse to buy a new toy for the media that board is lest they are discussing battle plans as often they cannot anyway. :thdn:

What you guys have to remember is that the NFL is fighting a battle of sports entertainment, especially with college football and MLB. It's a tough go and whatever they have to do, they have to do. Tough down there. The NFL has played, for many many decades, the backseat to both. Until recently but I'm sure there are still many out there that will say the NFL despite how great it's taken the game to TV, is still not as popular grass roots wise as college football or MLB, or maybe even all of basketball, I don't know. :?