Well See you next Saturday in Cowtown..

Hay Calgray Fans,
We Start out with Tought game in Cowtown next weekend.
Let home for good Clean Game may Best Team Win.

Yes and good luck to your team this year thats hope they put it together and kick those bombers out of a playoff spot that would make my year. :lol: :lol:

Well if Maas is Healthy Maybe we can do just that
Personaly I like us to Knock Toronto Out..
I love for Them not make the Grey Cup in Toronto

Cats 31 Stamps 29

You never know you guys beat us last year! Onknight enjoy your time in Calgary.

...love it, let the banter begin....I'm pretty sure the stamps will fill the air with passes all over the place but I am also worried our young DL will be seeing lots of the Dreadnought HMS Lumsden coming at them....

I just want to Congratulate you on the great Win.

You Shutdown our Medium and Long Passing
Forced Jason to take his Check downs.

Hank Was Unreal
When We got Pressure on him
he was Magic Escaping the Pressure.

We see back at IWS Later in the year .

Do not be hard on your team I think they had a lot of pluses out there. The sooner they get Chang developed the better for the Tiger Cats. Maas is done like toast. Mental mistakes cost your team. What the heck were they doing throwing the ball into the end zone. That was the turning point of no return for them. The OC should get canned over that one. Good luck the rest of the season but get that Chang kid in there asap.