Well rested Damon Allen &Avery

Pinball has underlined all remaining games with the Ti-Cats ,as quoted on TSN last weekend.

This seems very short sighted ,but shows you the meaning of the rivalry between our two teams.

Damon Allen was rested last game in Montreal.
Clearly so he could perform well in a game that means alot to Argo fans ,a game against Ti-Cats .

Also rested was J.Avery,injured (or rested).
I say rested because Argos knew there was no way they were going to win in Montreal last Thursday coming off a short week ,no way.

Look out for a fresh Argo team chomping at the bit Saturday!

It would be very dumb of a coach to rest players "just because they are playing a rival the next week." As its the coaches responsiblity to make sure the team does whatever it can to win that weeks game regardless of the opponent.

Because in the CFL, anybody can beat anybody at any given time.

Also, as a fan, I don't care who they beat as long as they win week every week.

It's not because of the rivalry, it's because of playoff standings that the games against us are big.

Exactly. And Pinball is a very good coach, better than people give him credit for. He has always looked at the "big picture" and resting DA might prove to be the best decision made all year.

Either that, or DA is simply too rickety (like an extremely worn-out wicker chair of the same vintage) to play every week.

Thing is, Avery if healthy enough, will be super pumped to perform well after being off for so long and watching Ricky. And this sort of scares me and the Argos may feed off of his energy level.

So well rested they may be a bit rusty.

According to the paper today, Damon still can't get any zing on the ball. Avery however, is looking healthy and rested. If Wynn plays on Staurday, you guys win. If DA plays, we win.

By the way, Argos signed another QB yesterday. Forgot his name though. Looks like they realize Wynn is not going to be Allen's successor and Crouch is long term project.

An Argo fan