Well now what

I guess bad Tino decided to show up tonight. not a first down until half way through the first quarter. I knew things were not looking good when they gambled on 3rd and less then a yard and they don't even get close to making it. I think some really hard decisions are going to have to made about our quarterback situation. The Eskimo defense had a field day in the backfield. Once again Tino looked totally lost and his backup looked no better. How many passes into double coverage and then to hang Taj out on a suicide pass when there was nothing to gain is not excusable. Its no secret that our offense is a joke. No passing game all year to speak of and now not even a run game. We get 2-3 yards on first downs the other teams are getting 8 -15.

Our defense is really looking very porous is the last couple of games. we cant stop the pass and now we can't stop the run. That is not going to cut it. White made our defense look brutal and embarrassed the whole defense numerous times. Two defenders against Stamps and he out fights both for a jump ball. Are you kidding me? I have seen the same thing play out before where our db's get out fought for a ball but when there is two in the same spot they should have a rule the inside guy takes the man and the outside guy go for the ball. both defenders going for the ball and still allowing the catch just should not happen.
Honestly I was feeling a bit better after the determination to fight back against Ottawa but tonight was a major step backwards in almost every aspect of the game. The only thing that actually looked good was our cover teams which was good to see but that isn't the only thing that will win games.

wasn't the 1st fist down at 9 something of the 2nd quarter?

Where was Messam on 3rd down? Seriously?

Bench Kilgore, start Hurl, use him as a ratio spot and start Adcock somewhere on the OL until Best is back.
Why are they sticking with Allen? What made him win this job? When they use all 3 they do a pile better.

few rookie / inexperienced QBs are going to thrive with this situation. I get they are using 1 primary RB because they want continuity with the inexperienced QB, but it is not working, so try.

These QBs need to take 2-3 looks then run.

lol 2-3 looks and they are eating it. Start with 1-2 and either tuck or chuck away. As for Messam yeah not sure why they are not using him a lot more to grind down the D line. He is very big and hard to bring down and that wears on the d after 2-3 quarters but the run game has done nothing in the last 3 games we all but abandoned it in this one. I know I have been critical of Cortez and sticking to the run for 75-80% of the game but to use it as little as we are either Messam is hurt or like I mentioned Cortez knows without Best the O line can not get the job done.

Not a pretty picture when you can't pass the ball or run the ball with any efficiency. All other teams have to do is keep our defense on the field and wait until they run out of gas and put the game away.

My response to Well Now What....... next year, unless DD can return for play-off's!

I agree about putting Hurl back in at LB. It can't get any worse than what it is...

As far as the QB situation, Unfortunately I think we are stuck with what we got. I honestly don't think DD will be ready to go. When your arm is in a cast for 4 - 6 weeks, he will need some serious rehab to get arm strength back. Especially in the throwing arm. IMO, you shut him down for the year.... In hindsight tonight, they should have put Sunseri back in the game. Hopefully his confidence does not get rattled.. He looked better of the 2. These guys need all the playing time they can get as playoffs are coming. And IMO, you pick a guy a go with him.. No QB carousel from now on. If they don't, they have to make a trade... But in all reality, there is no one available

I also think the injuries are starting to pile up... The team played really intense football for 4 games against Winnipeg and BC, but at a price...

And I am not sure about the receivers this year. Getzlaf can't make a catch and Taj looks uninspired. They look beaten to me.. Are they hurting from all the run blocking down field? Cause they are not even close to where they were last season..
And coaches need to figure stuff out to.. Step back, look in the mirror, and do their job..

I for one will not count them out yet... Our coaching staff is too good. And we still have a lot of experienced players. They have 5 games left to get some chemistry working...

So now the Burris speculation will probably start up once again as Ottawa looks like they are done for the year after losing again. Still think the price would totally insane in players and prospects to make it even close to palatable. If it was for cash and draft picks it might make it a bit more tempting but no way does Ottawa give up the name player for just futures.

I agree though we have to stick with one of the young guys and sink or swim with him. No one gets comfortable with out getting reps and the more the better.

Then start giving Price reps he can't do any worse!!

Not going to say Price would do any worse or better but pick one and stick with one. Heck I don't care if its gainer they go with just win or lose with one. No way to get any chemistry by switching out when things go bad.

Realistically I think the coaching staff know things are not good for this year and it may be a hard lesson but not having someone with some game time backing up really can bite you in the a**


That game was all about the ESKS offensive game plan and the execution of Reilly and White. No one could have stopped that execution in that first half it was flawless and possession dominant. The Riders had no chance to even get anything started on offense.
Adjusted at halftime with a bit of a Brak spying the run option. By then the offense was flat, the whole offense.
A tough pill to swallow for sure but coach knows his stuff and knows that is a game that is behind them and back to Sunseri with Dressler connection and also back to more RB packages with Tino now having some starts under his belt the playbook can be re open a lot more.
Kilgore, Peters, and Hurl have got to be the best young 3 some of Mike/Will LBs. Hurl being a National makes that group and rotation and packages very flexible.
It will be very hard to repeat without Durant but need to stay the course. If there was a possible more experienced QB that they could acquire they would or will. I am just not sure such a QB is available to them under any circumstances.
No need to quit or shorten the goal of repeating if it does not happen same goal applies for next year with Pieces much more clear to start next year

Well, that was great! Here is my naïve comment of the day: young QB's tend to do much better when they scramble. Not to mention receivers and line men having time to execute. Again, is this a "George Cortez staying in the pocket" thing until inevitably it collapses! Replace Cortez!!
I agree, we didn't develop a backup so we need to take our lumps with Tino or the newest guy.

Qbs looked terrible. Any free agents out there? D did what it could, but offense...ugh. I'd give Price a shot, could be be any worse? Messam needs to get in there more, can bowl people over, help control the clock.

And who do you get to replace Cortez? I don't always like what I see being called but this guy isn't a dummy. He can only make do with what he has to work with. Run game has been non existent in the last 3 games and not a real shock that has happened because of two reasons, one being teams know the riders qb has no experience so shut down the run and force it to a passing offense then take advantage of rookie mistakes. Two as I have mentioned a couple of times no Chris best. This guy is a big difference maker on how well our run game goes. Him being out and the run game being feeble is no coincidence.

I know the game last night was pretty brutal in all aspects but I guess we were being a bit over optimistic in thinking on a short week Tino could step up and get it done. I did have a bad feeling about this one because of the lasck of prep time but I didn't think it would be as bad as last night.
As I said Edmonton was on a mission and the Riders looked half asleep in the first half on both sides of the ball. Sloppy or missed tackles, offense lethargic and cant get a 1st down on 3rd and inches. No first downs in the fist quarter. Heck cant even get into field goal range to get the goose egg off the board. Defense having the Eskimos backed up inside the 10 a couple of times and let them get easy first downs. Allowing 300 plus yards rushing? Are you serious? that's almost 3 games worth of yards in one. This was a cluster f*** from the word go. Probably word have been better off to have said they missed their flight and stayed home and practiced for the Stamps. Yes it was a very fugly game.

how about we sign Anthony Calvilo as QB coach and then trade him to Montreal for Jeff Garcia ??? as AC won't leave Montreal and develope either Sunseri or whoever.
wishfull thinking on my part, oh well.

lol there was talk of Garcia making a comeback so forget the qb coach just make him the qb.

how about O C to replace Cortez?
wishfull thinking.

pretty big step to go from player to an OC or a DC specialty coaching ie qb coach linemen coach receivers coach etc is the normal progression but to jump right In as an OC? Not often that happens. It's not Cortez that is playing and yes like I said sometimes I too get frustrated with him but before I punted him out the door I would have to be damn sure the guy stepping in is even better. Cortez's resume is very solid and so is his success rate at the position and you don't just dump a guy like that on a whim. How long before the Lion's or the Red Blacks would snap him up? Two minutes if even that long after it was announced he was available his phone would be ringing.

This team was in it the whole game. Two plays imo were the difference maker 1 the failed third down and 2 the Getzlaf drop for an int. The first one was a bad coaching decision and the second is our veteren recievers need to start helping out our rookie qbs and making plays. When adversity hits its up to the leaders on your team to step up and over the past 10 or so quarters of football several veteren players have not had their heads in the game (Getzlaf, Taj Smith, Brackenridge taking dumb penalties and missing tackles, Ricky Foley being non existent up front, and others). The coaching staff needs to lose the ego and start putting their rookie qb in position to win games. This includes not going for it on your own 35 yard line.

Totally agree

use Messam.
Walk up to the D-line on 3rd and 1 and say hey, we are going to stuff Messam at you...then do it.

start using all 3 backs again. They are better when they make the D continually adjust like that.

As bad as the D looked at times, they still gave them opportunity to win that game.

In it for the whole game? Not sure if we were watching the same game then. This thing was all but over after the national anthem. The offense had one drive that looked promising and it was snuffed on the pick other then that how many 2 and outs did they have? What was their time of possession? 3 turnovers. Allowing 300 plus yards rushing and you think they "were in it?" lol the score may have indicated that up to about the last 10 minutes of the 3rd but if you have not even gotten into field goal range by that time then you are not "in it" your so far out of it your in a different time zone. Hey as I said maybe my expectations of thinking we could sneak out a win was a bit optimistic on a short week prep and a rookie qb but lets not paint this with green shaded glasses on by saying we were in it because with the way the team performed there was no way in hell they "were in it"
The Eskimos owned this game from the first whistle for the kickoff to final one to end the humility and butt kicking.The score actually flattered the riders in my opinion.

I hope the coaching staff doesn't look at this game film and think " you know we were in it the whole game lets try the same plan against the Stamps" the score would be like 55 -0 and Corndog would have like 1000 yards rushing. They would have to cart him on and off the field between touchdown runs because he was so tired he couldn't walk.

Sorry if this sounds harsh and I have tried to hold my anger in check but when I read that we were in it the whole game that little spring went flying and the gears came off. :wink: