well, now that the dust has settled for this weekend

all that changed is that sask gained ground and ott lost ground.

I really hope that 2 of the eastern teams (preferably tor and ham) finish better than wpg (only because they are most likely to be passed). That way, people could stop saying that the 5th team in the west should be in the playoffs and as it is now, with only one crossover, the right 6 would then be in. Then maybe we could be happy to keep the 2 divisions

The East has lost a lot of heartbreakers this year, they finally had a weekend where the tides turned and they won most of those close games (Ottawa outplayed the Riders as well).

Actually everyone in the West pretty much lost ground to the Riders and with 3 teams in the east having 4 wins the possiblity of a crossover is quickly diminishing which could mean BC and Winnipeg missing the playoffs.

that's what I said

Was so hoping the Redblacks could have won that one. Hoping the Cats, Argos and Als could go on a bit of a run going forward although they are going to be playing a lot of each other now. The East-West rivalry is hotter than ever. This is what makes the league so great. A first I thought maybe it was time to scrap the divisions but now believe the divisions are great the way they are. It was weird rooting for all the Eastern teams this weekend, But wanted to see some Eastern Pride. It's almost like US college ball where you rout for your conference teams when they are not playing your team.

an Arhol fan wishing the Cats not only win but win often?

what is this world coming to?

I agree with Ugo. I was hoping for an East sweep this week. Whoda' thunk it?

I don’t know; I wouldn’t have believe it myself, I never thought I could cheer for the Cats, but I couldn’t help but be happy that the cats & Als won on sat, sun.

CFL fans are fans of all the teams collectively, and the rivalries are great :rockin:

WOW! The pair of you are hilarious. Crossover is a guarantee and it is still better than 50-50 5th in the west beats 1st in the least..I mean east.

ok, prove to me that you laughed your ass off, and I will give you the award :wink:

Currently, a crossover is still more probable than no crossover. That is, either Toronto, Hamilton or Montreal has a good chance of missing playoffs. So far, east beating west is a rare phenomenon in 2014. If BC wins 3 of next 6 games, all eastern teams are unlikely to win all 6 remaining games to prevent a crossover because they face each other.

Is this proof?


Or is this better?


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