Well, my Month-Long Sentence is Done

I lived up to my end of the bargain and my 30 day non-posting is up. Odd though that the Cats won more games while I was gone than any other time this season. I guess I should make sure I post here as often as possible then.......lol.

Here a few thoughts I've had:

The Argos/Cats game was the ugliest game I've ever seen.

That WAS a catch by the Stamps receiver last week @ Toronto, but that was NOT a fumble by Jeff Johnson.

Don Matthews should be the next coach of the Cats, and it will do the team good.......very good.

Nobody in the East Division deserves a Grey Cup berth.

Welcome back. So, do you have to check in with a mod once a week or anything like that?

Mathews will not be the next TiCats coach.

I agree that the East stinks this year. Maybe we all need Ottawa to beat up on.

Nobody in the East Division deserves a Grey Cup berth
EXACTLY the reason the CFL NEEDS to ABOLISH the senseless, needless, anachronistic, competitively compromising, and STUPID East/West Divisional Split.


Mean are you telling me that every team from the West conference in the NfL deserves to be in the Super Bowl each season . That there isnt a team from the East who is way more deserving but was beaten by another good team from the East ?

It happens in ALL the pro leagues, there is always a stronger conference or division that has teams that are better than the other side . It goes through cycles this season the West is better than the East . Nothing can be done .

In that case, could you please get lost for a few more weeks? :smiley: Just kidding. Welcome back.

I agree that the East teams are brutal, but I also have to disagree with Mean on the East/West thing (sorry MS I usually agree with you on stuff). I like the Divisionary rivalries etc. Plus it gives us a better shot at making the GC :wink:

As this DEBATE is soooooo near and dear to my HEART (some could call it a CAUSE) ALLOW me to REBUTT …

To habby, sir, with ADR … the PARALLELS you draw with the other MAJOR LEAGUES are, simply LUDICROUS !

The other MAJOR sports have upwards of 30 teams !! THREE TIMES the size !! Idosyncratic RESULTS are much less STATISTICALLY, COMPETITIVELY, and LOGISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT than in an 8 Team League for crying out loud.

Seriously, there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO, RATIONAL EXPLANATION for the CFL to REMAIN a 2 Division League … EVEN with 10 OR(dare I dream) 11, or 12 teams.

The time is NOW for the CFL to make a CONCERTED EFFORT to make the Grey Cup a TRULY, NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP … it’s PRIME DIRECTIVE should be to determine, via a BALANCED SCHEDULE the BEST TWO teams in the COUNTRY … PERIOD !!


I kind of like the east-west Grey Cup tradition (at the risk of offending the previous poster).

However this year I don't believe there is a single player from the east that is worthy of challenging for the Most Outstanding Player award. If Calvillo gets the nod for having his worst season this decade I'll scream. I could live with Charles Roberts as a sacrifical lamb to be defeated by any of the half dozen or so players in the west who deserve it more.

Except that Ottawa used to beat up the Ticats pretty handily over the few seasons…



What's that supposed to mean? So only the two best teams should be in the Grey Cup - BC and Calgary? In that case, let's forget the playoffs and only put "deserving" teams in there.

for those who think it was a catch…BURRIS was OVER the line of scrimage when he threw the ball anyways…the right team won!

there are video replays posted on the cfl.ca forum.

What it means is that nobody in the East deserves a chance to be labelled as Canada's best team, which goes to the Grey Cup winner.

I'm intrigued by having a one division league with only the top 4 making it, but IMO, that would make it look bush-league with just one national division.



There are many championships that are won by the underdog. If it's only about giving the Grey Cup to the "best" team, mind as well forget the playoffs and award the Cup to the team with the best record at the end of the regular season.

We can agree to disagree. As an Argo fan, I admit our team has played poorly numerous times this year, but they have played brilliantly at other times, especially the defence. They could still go 12-6 and it's a little insulting to say they don't deserve the chance to go to the Grey Cup. Especially since they've given up the fewest points in the CFL so far and it's supposedly "the defence that wins championships.

East is Least and West is Best has been around for 30 if not 40 years as a comment on the CFL.

Such being said, at least they get to play each other regularly, where this was not the case several years ago, where you just played in your own Division until the Grey Cup...

And understand that Western support of the CFL is probably what keeps te League alive...Toronto would drop it in a heartbeat, like a bad habit, if they could catch onto an NFL team that might have one or two Canadians playing, and would compete (but NOT win) a SuperBowl in the year 2525...and be a financial fiasco...
Canadian Football is a lot more exciting, and with the right manageent allows it to be played all across the country (must agree with the BoG's unstated thing that its more important to achieve Halifax than it is to rebuild Ottawa)(and there is huge considerations of doing dispersal draughts too quickly)(mind with the TiCats, they have the least to fear!)

My thoughts only!

In that case, let's forget the playoffs and only put "deserving" teams in there.
Why not just put the "most deserving" IN the PLAYOFFS, for crying out loud !!??

It makes for a SUPERIOR PRODUCT and a LEGITIMATE Championship game.

The fact that the Argos make the playoffs for beating the likes of Hamilton FOUR Fr-Eakin TIMES !!!!!!! - is a JOKE !!!!!! ... and makes for a BUSH league.


Ya thats right mean , lets take Calgary and Edmonton out of the last 2 Stanley Cups they werent very exciting were they ???

The CFL is relateable to the rest of the pro leagues Mean . Its not about how many games you win . Its about who gets it together at the end of the season after injuries and all other sorts of problems arise .

Some teams win thier games at the begginning of the season and then injiries hit and all of a sudden thier not the best team any longer . Who wants to watch a team in the Grey Cup who hasn`t played well for a month and a half . Would they put on a good show ??

How can you complain about the Grey Cup Mean , when was the last time it wasnt a fantastic game to watch ???

I complain about EVERY Grey Cup , habby. Simply because EVERY Grey Cup is an ARTIFICIAL, and FORCED Championship game. It RELIES on OLD WORLD, ANACHRONISTIC, SMALL MINDED thinking (and I use the term LIGHTLY) ...

It BOGGLES my mind that this should be such a CONTENTIOUS ISSUE ... the SIMPLE FACT is ...

EVERY other Sporting Organization on the PLANET uses a BALANCED Divisional Schedule to find the RELATIVE WORTH of its COMPETITORS ...

I can't STRESS enough this CORNERSTONE - this PRIME DIRECTIVE - this MISSION ... for all Leagues with Divisions.

When teams WITHIN a DIVISION don't even play each other the SAME NUMBER of times ... The ENTIRE PROCESS is brought into DISREPUTE. It is BUSH. It is STUPID. It is ANNOYING, and MOST of all - UNNECESSARY !!

In MLB, where the Jays play in the same DIVISION as the BoSox and Yankees ... the INHERENT disadvantages of small vs big markets, aside ... they ALL PLAY each other the SAME NUMBER of TIMES !!!!!

In NHL, the Canadians play the Leafs the SAME NUMBER of TIMES as each of the other two DIVISIONAL MEMBERS ...

In the NFL, each DIVISIONAL RIVAL plays each other THE SAME NUMBER of TIMES ...

In the NBA ... each DIVISIONAL FOE plays the other the SAME NUMBER of TIMES ...

In NFL Europe ... DIVISIONAL teams play each other the SAME NUMBER of TIMES ....





But the Argos are tied for third in the league, with Montreal? So you must be saying that the playoffs should only consist of two teams. Fine then, just have the Grey Cup final. Or just because we beat Hamilton, we're not allowed to go in? Hamilton beat Edmonton, twice, and we haven't even played them yet.

Your post brings up a pet peeve of mine though. If you're a CFL fan, please stop with the references of the CFL being a bush league. Yeah, it doesn't have the resources available to make it glitzy pro like the NFL. And frankly I wouldn't have the resources to support it if it was. But it is not "bush", and every mistake they make, real or perceived, doesn't make them look that way, either. We get that enough from people who don't like our game. Ask Ricky Williams if he thinks the CFL is "bush".

So you must be saying that the playoffs should only consist of two teams.
Where in the name of Ben Zambiasi do I EVER even HINT at only having 2 teams in the playoffs ??!!!

If you want to know what I am SAYING ... READ the WORDS I TYPE !!!

I am SAYING - to have an UNBALANCED Divisional Schedule DEFEATS the ENTIRE PURPOSE of Divisional play in the FIRST PLACE !!!!!!!

Sheeeeeeeeeeesh ..... what the heck don't YOU PEOPLE GET ???????!!!!!!


P.S - I am a FAN of FOOTBALL. I am a fan of COMPETITIVE SPORT. I want to KNOW the product I am SPENDING time and money on ... is LEGITIMATE. The CFL is a small minded, idiosyncraatic league that REFUSES to THINK BIG ... thus the term BUSH.



I certainly do, but it's probably not the same pattern you're talking about. :o

I really think you'll find that the CFL is one of the fairer leagues around, because of the crossover rule. The NFL rewards teams that play in a weak division, far more than the CFL does.