Well LeoFan, Printers is not showing us his magic today.

Yes, Printers is not showing us his magic, I cant believe im saying this, but hes really doing nothing for us this game... But all QBS do have there bad game, but Pritners decides to have his at the worst time... Now you can bug me LeoFan :stuck_out_tongue: But, I still like Printers, and want him starter next year.

I've always liked Printers and can see that he has matured both as a player and a person. Sadly Pierce and Jackson are injury prone and both carry a big contract so one, or both, have to go. I would like to see Printers kept as the starter and Lulay as his backup.

Casey is not having a good game today but can hardly be solely blamed for us losing this bad. Yes, he did throw a couple of ill-advised passes, but his protection stinks, our running game stinks today and our defense is back here in Vancouver watching the game on TV. If we have any chance at all in the second half it will be because of Casey, but I doubt he has that much magic left.

There is no doubt we need many changes next year, but solidifying the QB position with Printers and Lulay would be a good start. Martell came out of nowhere, Arcenaux is showing he belongs, Geroy is still Geroy and with Paris Jackson we have perhaps the best 1 - 2 receiver combinations in the CFL so I see great things for our offense next year.

Our defense? Nothing that a good tactical nuke strike couldn't fix.

like jim here id hardly blame this on printers, the one INT simon didnt make the same read as printers thats it, how about the fumble, the running backs look like they are scared

im not blaming printers at all.

I think the physical game against Hamilton, has finally taken it's toll.

yeah, but.. printers did not do as good as he can today. not even close, but im still not going to blame him or point any fingers, im just saying he could of maybe done a bit better. but see you all in 2010 :slight_smile: cant wait to beat hamilton again, hehe :stuck_out_tongue: especially montreal. :rockin:

I dont blame printers for this game, but he has showed that there is one area he has not improved or changed. He does not play well under adversity. A few things go wrong in the beginning of the game and thats it baby.


GeroySimonFan, it was not Printers fault that Mallet fumbled resulting in the Als' first major. It was not Printers fault that he was constantly running for his life. It was not his fault that the Als racked up 56 points with over 45 of those coming before the the 3rd quarter was even finished. Given who the Lions were playing against and that the Lions running game was almost nil [Mallet was injured] and that Calvillo could have thrown TDs blindfolded, that the Als were playing in front of a very partial crowd who has seen the team go 9 and 0 at home I think Printers did the best he could in front of 53 000 frothing fans.

I was quite impressed with how he played in the early going and how he was avoiding the early sacks. There were even some bright spots throughout the game. What happened later is what Lions fans saw against Calgary in B.C. Place when Calgary racked up over 40 points before the 3rd quarter was even completed. I don't think Printers had a bad game. The Als were just that good.

Geroy SimonFan.... so why do you think I am going to let you have it about Printers.... actually there were alot of other bad spots, and you gotta give it to Montreal, they showed up to play tough and they did.

Only thing I will say is today Casey seemed to get rattled and made "rookie" mistakes. I am surprised Wally did not start JJ in the 2nd half, but I am not the coach. Maybe it was good to let Casey ride it out. I will also have to add that offensive play call was boring... .JC has got to go!!!

See everyone back on this site next year. And Geroy SimonFan ... you know I am still gonna be on you about Casey, cause the jury is still out on him. (at least mine is)

I wanted JJ to get put in to! but it was a teams loss, printers was not the only one playing to his full potential.

Printers also did get charged a lot, so poor blockage, and not so great pass covering, and some plays yes printers did look like a rookie, but eh, mallet is a rookie, look how good he is? Maybe looking like a rookie is good :stuck_out_tongue:

No one player lost this game. It was a team effort to suck that much.

For Lions, the Offensive Line was horrible and too many receivers dropped passes that they should have caught.

Oh, and the Als played almost a flawless game. Congrats to the Als and to the Riders. They were statistically the two best teams in the league.

I am rooting for the Riders, but I think the Als will take the game.

Enjoy the GC everyone!

I like Printers style and look forward to seeing him play for you guys next Season. I did see a change of pace when he came in to replace Pierce. He had us worried all week leading up to the final game. Looking forward to our rematches next season.

Agreed. The Offensive line needs to be worked on a lot. It wasn't just this game but they've been unable to hold up all season. The defense didn't show up today either. The Als made it way look way to easy.

On a lighter note, that was a nice 106 yard return by Gricey