We'll know by about 3:30PM PST Saturday

We're going to know by Saturday around 3:30PM whether or not the Lions will have to fight for 1st place or if Edmonton and Calgary hands it to them on a silver platter by losing their games. That would be the best case scenario. Worst case scenario is that both Calgary and Edmonton win their games and the Lions tie or lose on Saturday. That would be worst because we just got our playoff tickets in the mail and the Lions would be playing away. But I'm not going to jinx the game on Saturday.

The game between Winnipeg and Calgary is one we should be watching with special interest. This QB Tate looks very good. I'd much rather have Burris in at QB. He's very predictable. Go back and read some of Gridiron's appraisals of this guy Burris and what his weaknesses are. But alas, I'm quite sure Tate gets the start on Saturday. The game is in Calgary which should delight Calgarians. The Bombers have a potent defense and lead the league in QB sacks. QB Buck Pierce can can be a one man wrecking crew if he's healthy and avoid injury in the game. Brink could fill in quite well too. I'm looking forward to see if the Bombers will be able to drop Tate on the old keester. [translation: give him a good a** whooping]

What makes this game even more exciting is that Calgary and Winnipeg are both playing for all the marbles- aka 1st place, a bye, and a birth in the Final. If Winnipeg wins they take1st. Montreal cannot take 1st. Calgary of course wants to win and hope that both B.C. and Edmonton lose their games.

Edmonton plays the Roughriders at Commonwealth on Friday = Nov. 4th; Lions will know around 8:40 PM. on the outcome.

Eskies - 26
Riders - 13

Well beaglehound: the personal jinx is in motion.... :stuck_out_tongue:

backer@oldclarke~ Both Edmonton and Calgary must lose for the Lions to be assured of 1st place before they meet Montreal. An Edmonton win on Friday means the Lions will only get 1st place if they beat Montreal.

O.K., I see what you were thinking on the opening post, although I did think perhaps you misread the date of the Esks/Sask. game altogether. But atleast the Lions will know part of the equation at the end of Fridays game is what I was getting at; outside of the fact Edmonton gets a home Semi-Final game none the less with a victory.

We're on the same page oldclarke. :thup:

And yes, an Esks victory and they assure themselves of home field for the semi at the very least.

I think both Calgary and Edmonton will win this weekend. I also believe the Lions will win, so I guess it's a moot point. Besides, I still prefer earning your spot, rather than backing in or winning by default. The Lions are fortunate to have their fate in their own hands, but regardless of the results in Calgary and in Edmonton, they still have to go and play well. Montreal will be coming in with the intention of winning as well.

Agreed geroy but the Lions don't have to prove anything. They turned a 0-5 season around and were able to do what no other teams were able to do this season: Win 8 consecutive games. Yes, it would be nice to go out on a winning note but they will not have backed into 1st place if they get there with Edmonton and Calgary losing. They will have earned it. They will have earned it by winning their series against both the Eskies and Calgary.

It is true that Montreal will be coming with the intention of winning and even more so if Winnipeg loses because then Montreal would just have to settle for a tie to take 1st place. Should that happen and both Edmonton and Calgary win their games then so much for my playoff tickets. :cry:

This is gonna be an awesome game!

Even more awesome as I down a GIANT PEPSI while watching the game! :rockin:

That's alright Beaglehound, if I go, i'll just down a Dr.Pepper that belongs to Coca-Cola in the other 66% of the world. My "sweet" revenge on Pepsi lol jk (of course they would be laughin as they would benefit from my purchase). I may actually drive way out to one of my favourite stores and grab the real 355ml glass bottles tho, they have the 260ml glass bottles everywhere else, but this one store manages to get the real deal old school Coca-Cola glass bottles. I guess it just happens that this guy on the Canucks web page as a diehard fan and winner of a tournament, and as well a BC Lions fan just as much loves his Coca-cola.


I'm waiting to see some electrifying plays from Simon, Bruce, Gore, and more

Hey, Dr. Pepper works for me. Actually I don't mind Coca Cola Classic but Pepsi is my first choice.

Yes, "electrifying" plays from Simon, Bruce and Gore will hopefully be on the menu. I understand that Brown may be back in the line-up as well. That will be fantanstic if he is. Don't know about Foster though. Nevertheless, I'll be going to the game and cannot wait.

The MEGA CFL extravaganza starts at 6:00PM sharp with Edmonton playing Saskatchewan tonight. Edmonton knows what's on the line. An Edmonton loss against the Roughies and it guarantees the Lions a home field advantage in the Western semi-final at the very least so I'll be glued to the TV at 6:00PM sharp! I really hope the Roughies play with the Rider Pride their famous for and do not come up flat. I'm not a melon head fan but I'm making the exception this one time. Quite honestly, I'd like to go into B.C. Place tomorrow knowing the Lions have 1st place sewn up but Edmonton and Calgary have other ideas I'm sure.

But will Sask even play anybody? Odd how many guys they've "shut down" for the rest of the season.