Well, Kiss the 2008 season goodbye for Hamilton

A Winnipeg win in Edmonton and Ticat loss to Montreal this week would officially eliminate Hamilton from the playoff hunt

Still clinging to a prayer, but I have faith in the Eskimos ability to blow it late in the season.

Easily going 2-16. And it doesn't look like there's much hope on the horizon.

At least the SMS has kept their costs under control.

Hamilton needs to make some smart decisions here.. they have some talent, just need coaches who know how to use it.

I can see big things next season... IF they do it right.

Best thing they can do imo is to release Printers and use that money to get some useful talent.

I don't think anyone can disagree, even those ti-cat faithful that were willing to give him a chance, that he's he hasn't lived up to expectations in any way, shape or form. Even if he does somehow manage to all of a sudden play decently, he's injury prone.

Maybe if Hamilton had a decent Oline Printers would be very good??????? Er, and how about some great recievers? One cannot really judge Printers unless he is working with the whole package.

I take Richie Williams over Casey Printers any day. That could be a start. Jesse Lumsden staying healthy is also key.

Lane Kiffin is available.

It is really really sad to see Hamilton sitting in the bottom of the tank . . . AGAIN!

I cannot believe after all these years they look the exact same.

I think they should fire the entire roster . . . all the coaches . . . all the management . . . tear down the stadium . . . send the cheer leaders packing . . . get a new mascot . . . build a new stadium . . . imput grass instead of turf . . . audition for new cheerleaders . . . get new management, players and coaches . . . switch from black and gold to gold and black . . . work on a good game plan . . . improve the players . . . improve the coaching . . . make some more changes . . . work out a system that allows them to pay refs under the table bribes . . . pray to as many gods as possible . . . invent a new offensive scheme never before seen . . . shorten the 1st down chains for their team only . . . grease the jerseys of their offensive players . . . use those sticky footballs you can buy at Wal-mart . . . double sided tape for their receiver gloves . . . practice not once, not twice but thrice a day . . . get a new fight song . . . Tonya Harding the opposing teams' QB before every game . . . and pay off the refs, wait did I say that yet? Ah who cares pay them off twice.

By the time all those tasks have been completed they will have used up less time than they have in their current "rebuilding" phase.

Go Hamilton! I still cannot wait to see the 20 year reunion Grey Cup Match in 2009 between SSK Roughriders and Hammy Town Ti-Cats.

Well, they will still need some help from Toronto and Winnipeg, but if they can play like they did this week for the rest of the year, 2nd place is still there.

"Hamilton hosts the Eastern semi-final against the Eskimos"