Well, Kiss the 2008 season Good bye for Montreal....

The Alouettes are done for 2008.

this rookie, No name head coach who only has assistant coaching experience in the NFL…

they’ll fall flat.

it will be an Amazing move, or the worce possible move

it will be the WORST move. he's gonna have no clue.

if the guy brings in Tight ends and no motion Offense, I'll laugh my head off so bad.

We'll see guys, don't judge a book by it's cover or just go along with the saying that no CFL experience = doomed to failure. Not in today's game.


"The Packers will challenge the Bears' defensive backfield depth with their four- and five-receiver sets, creating matchups against the likes of Ricky Manning Jr. and Corey Graham."

[url=http://chicagosports.chicagotribune.com/sports/football/bears/cs-071217bearsnext,1,1624875.htmlstory?coll=cs-bears-headlines]http://chicagosports.chicagotribune.com ... -headlines[/url]

I wouldn't write him off that quickly. If he surrounds himself with good assistant coaches he might be just fine. Remember its really the Assistant Coaches that do the coaching. The Head Coach is basically the supervisor of the coaches, and overseas what is going on.

First year head coach that has marked success with his team? Unheard of...

...wait...who's this Austin guy again?

Austin had an illustrious career as a QB in the CFL. He was the quarterbacks coach during Joseph’s best year in Ottawa. He was O.C. the year Toronto won the Grey Cup. He had plenty of CFL experience even if he didn’t have any head-coaching experience.

Trestman? His CFL experience is a three-day guest coaching stint for the Als a few years ago.

Apples and oranges, my friend.

yup exactly.. you cannot compare them..

...the Als. seem to be scrambling a bit for CFL experience ...apparently they offered the defensive co-ordinators job to Greg Marshal after telling him he was a no-go for head-coach...lol lol...Why would Marshall make a lateral move to the team the Bombers dominated all of last year....is Popp losing it???? of course Marshal said no....I wonder if they offered the same thing to Ritchie Hall...Maybe the reason they called these 2 guys in for interviews in the first place.... :roll: :lol: :lol:

Terrible decision-making by the Als IMO. What would have been wrong with making Marshall or Jones or Hall HC and hiring Trestman to be OC? That way, you get CFL experience at the head coaching position, you give Trestman a chance to adjust to the league without having to worry about being in charge, and if you ever have to make a coaching change down the line, Trestman, by then, would actually HAVE some CFL experience under his belt.

...you;re making too much sense, discipline,....i think you should apply for Popps job..... :lol:

You sure can compare them, CFL experience notwithstanding…Austin was expected to do exactly not much this year…Trestman is expected to do exactly not much next year…might be apples and oranges, but it’s all fruit in the end…

Like many of the above posts, I was expecting the Als would get a proven CFL type for the position of head coach. However, I can remember in the 70"s the Als were in the doldrums and a search for a head coach was on. The person who got the job was Marv Levey. Here was a person with no CFL experience yet he brought the Grey Cup twice to Montreal. Indeed he would have won a third Grey Cup had not the Als missed a field goal that was a relatively close but on that day the wind in Calgary was severe and the wind blew the attempt wide of the posts.
Marv Levy has to rate as the greatest coach in Alouette history. So I believe we should not dismiss the present head coach until we see the 2008 team in action. The present Alouette owner has accomplished a lot for the Als and the City of Montreal and, Larry Smith has also been an asset in revitalizing a franchise that was heading nowhere. Before fans want to run these two guys out of town, let us not be hostile to the changes of late until we can get a glimpse of what 2008 holds for this franchise.

Hassall, that's a great post. And in spite of the fact that I do think this hiring will be a disaster for the team, I am going to try my best to be positive and give Trestman a chance to show what he can do.

Im glad Montreal didn't continue the trend of just recycling the existing CFL coaches and went off the chart to hire this guy.

He has plenty of football experience, and perhaps he can bring in some new looks to the CFL. I wish him best of luck.

Well jm02, in your books and few other riders fans that expected the riders to be in a rebuilding year. Let me quote the reasons:

Tillman a new gm
Austin a new head coach
Austin a rookie head coach
SMS the team had to take so many cuts.

Unlike you, I expected that the Riders should have posted at least a 9 & 9 season and been competitive through the playoffs. If not, I would have considered the season to have been a major failure.

The difference between these situations are significant. Montreal is an old and tired team. Riders realatively young. Austin significant CFL experience as a CFL player, as an assistant CFL coach, as on offensive CFL coordinator, but a rookie Head Coach. Trestman no experience as a CFL player, no experience as a CFL assistant coach, no experience as a CFL offensive or defensive coordinator, and a rookie Head coach.

So where would you say the similarities are oh wait a minute only in that they are both rookie head coaches.

Regardless of who the Als named as their head coach, they were likely to be also rans this year, with a real possibilty of missing the play-offs.
As Mikey points out, the Riders with their rookie head coach was a case of the perfect opportunity for a new coach to succeed as that team was very good and on the verge of winning it all, as opposed to Montreal which is at the end of a pretty decent winning cycle and have a number of holes to fill to regroup.

But as for the head coach himself, the biggest aspect of being a head coach lies not with the Xs and Os, but in his people skills.
It doesn't matter if he is a hardnosed, no nonsense guy, or a so-called "players coach", as long as he has the strength of personality to gain the respect of his coaches and players and convince them that his way is the right way.
Everything after that is just gravy.
So in that regard, JM is correct.
The important thing in a head coach isn't whether or not he has CFL experience or NFL experience, it is leadership and the ability to communicate.
From there, football is a pretty simple game--blocking and tackling--and I think people tend to overthink the importance of "coaching the Xs and Os".

Your right Arius were you not the one upset that they gave the apple and the road map to your buddy Shivers and Barrett the comedy team. As mentioned above and some of you rider fans can not get into your heads is the fact Austin has had lots of time in the Canadian game as a player and a coach. So he fluked out a championship. The guy that the Als hired does not have that luxury but could possible fluke out and become a good coach no one knows.

Nobody 'flukes out' a championship. Give me a break. I suppose Austin's Grey Cup ring as OC in Toronto was 'fluked out' as well?

Motivational skills are great in a head coach. But if you think Xs and Os aren't important, you don't know much about football.

Like I said before…It’s a terrible move before the season, but if the team starts 2-0, he deserves coach of the year already. In Montreal it’s always the same story.

You guys say, “Who is he?” Well that’s right, who is he? If you don’t know who he is, then why say he will have no luck in the CFL. A lot of players came out of NCAA football, and play Canadian rules for the first time. They can adapt, why can’t a coach?

He is not sitting at home, watching the NFL. You can bet he’s at home studying the CFL, and preparing for training camp.

C’mon guys. A little bit of logic.