Well its over :(

A great game to watch, but the season is over :frowning:

The difference in the game that I could see was that the Argo's wanted it more than the Bombers did. The argo's seemed hungrier for the victory.

Also, I seriously think it's time for the Bombers head office to start looking at getting a head coach that is willing to make and take more risks !!

4th quarter, your team needs a touchdown, only 3 minutes left in the game.....you never, never give control of the game to the opposing team. Doug should have made the correct call and had confidence in his players to make that conversion and Winnipeg would have won this game.

Oh well there is always next season :slight_smile: I hope Toronto goes all the way now and wins it all.

4Th down? What game were you watching?


I don't agree they were too deep in their own zone and had to far to go. Actually it a dammed if you do and dammed if you don't situation. Had he gone for it and missed you would be saying he should have kicked!

Yeah, i meant 4th quarter :slight_smile: all edited though...thanks for the error find :slight_smile:

missed tackle on bruce is the difference 2 guys not 1 wraps up like c'mon what was that pee wee football

tough loss. lost it all in the fourth. But a turn around season for the blue and gold and a great game by roberts. Blue And Gold in 07

blue and gold in 07 only if stegall returns because then we are 1 dimensional again we'll only have 1 sure handed guy armstrong thats why if there both here next year look out offense just started to get rolling again

Yeah when your going for the win and you see a tackle, you've got too go for it like a mad dog, grab his mask as a last resort, was there not a prevent defence, ya cant even blame the refs, ..........and one more thing more pressure on the q-back wouldnt hurt either.......toronto's q-backs coulda started a game of craps back there!!!!

the defence kept the blue and gold alive all game and i can;t see people rip them apart. Ya they collapsed but if it wasn't for the defence the argos qwoulda blown out the bombers.

And since when did KK start posting again?

Bombers had a good year....could have ended better...but what the hey....a good year none-the-less...We need to shore-up a few positions for next year....namely and firstly the quarterback....and thats not just based on the semi-final game...Kevin seems to be one of these qbs. who runs hot and cold....when he's hot, he's hot.....when he;s cold.....wellll.... we seen the results yesterday...Glenn seems to do this during the course of a game....Also i'm worried about his injuries...I know a lot of qbs.....namely Dickenson....have the bug....but you can't win in this league without a durable qb....If B.C. didn't have such great back-ups....they would be in deep do-do....and we don't want to be in that postion

:thdn: year after year...sooooo we need a very good back-up...or a seasoned starter.... on 'D'.. Robert Bean has to be a starter....this guy is going to be an All-Star....and when Stanford Samuels gets healthy...are defence is looking pretty good....I like what i've seen on offence this year for the most part...its a matter of re-upping a guy like Armstrong....hope Stegall comes back...and sticking with some very good young guys ...Arjei Franklin....and Adam Eckert...The 'o' line...wow...what a didaster this year (injury wise)...When Goodspeed is back....Sheridan is healthy...we are going to have one of the best offensive lines in the league...The Winnipeg Blue Bombers edition for 07 will be a very good contender...and if we can keep Greg Marshal (hope he dosen't move on)....this team could win it all next year.... I would imagine the brass are building for next year already....with a lot of optomism....GoBigBlue.... :thup:

Nothing to hang your head about. You made good improvments and did better than most predicted. (Me included) You have some good building blocks in place. Don't crap on Berry, let him continue to build on this year.

Roberts ran around the field alot, but he became Sir Bumblelot at the wrong time!

Yes it's over, it's over.. sad eyes n all
We had the team to compete..we blew it..
Is Roberts a goat ? ..Of course not....
We lost as team ...we'll fight another day...