Well, it's official....

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Not a good sign if this 2 QB plan is dividing the locker room. Can open…worms everywhere… :roll:

8) Exactly right !!
  At least Saturday's game proved one thing, and that is that Quinton Porter is not our QB of the future !!    <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: --> 

  In the same breath, I don't believe that Kevin Glenn is either.

Not making excuses, but I think part of the reason Glenn is playing so poorly is that he may have lost his confidence. This is not good right before playoffs. Thats why I think Marcel needs to go. A good coach motivates his players and I don’t think he’s done that. Right now with Jimenez being benched and the QB shuffle and now the divide in the locker room, there are so many negative vibes and its all becuase of the coach. Not a good time for all this to happen.

And, while players are reluctant to speak out publicly about head coach Marcel Bellefeuille’s decision to rotate his quarterbacks the past three weeks, there is concern inside the locker-room about the lack of certainty behind centre.

“It’s garbage and the players hate it,? said one Ticat player, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “Bellefeuille is killing the confidence of both quarterbacks by doing what he’s doing.?

The QB’s are killing their own confidence with downright poor play. Not MB.

We wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place if Glenn was playing well or at least semi-consistently.

I’m certain Marcel would rather have one pivot as the decided centre, but what is he supposed to do when that same pivot is doling out blanks, time and time again?
You can’t blame Bellefeuille for pulling a horrid Glenn on numerous occasions. I would have done the same.
And MB has given Glenn many chances in the past, leaving him in entire games, regardless of poor performance.

If players are not performing, and are detrimental to the team, they have to be benched for the sake of the team and replaced. (hopefully with someone better)

And if both QB’s are not up to snuff, they have to bring in someone who is, or will be.
Problem is, it is too late in the season for that.

Glenn and Porter are supposed professionals, and as professionals, must perform at a competent level or should look for another line of work.
It’s up to the players to breed their own confidence with effective play.

And neither are doing as such, and should look in the mirror for personal accountability.

While agree the motives of MB are backfiring as Tangledweb said its up to the qb's to play and they are not doing that at the moment. I like KG but he is a lame duck and can't be counted on when needed. He throws picks at the absolutley worst times when we really need him. :thdn: :cry:

Yes...MB has to go.

Glenn has not played POORLY this season, until the last few games when this QB Carousal started.

His O-line and the play-calling have had more of an impact on his performance...as it has had on Bruce (gone), Mann (gone), Stala (where did he go??), Williams (where did he go??).

The point is, we have a ton of talent. Why can they not produce? Hmmmm.

I wasn't going to comment on this, but I could see this coming. I took my daughter down to get some autographs after the last home game. She was hoping to get Bo Smith and Stevie Baggs' autographs because she loves them both and Bo was very kind to her when she met him for the first time. She never did see Bo, but was amazed at how many guys she did see and most of them were very nice (seeing as we won so handily you'd think they would be). The biggest surprise, IMO, was Kevin Glenn. He was not friendly at all. He didn't even crack a smile and didn't even really acknowledge her at all. It was quite disappointing. Luckily guys like Stala, Baggs and Darcy Brown really made up for it by being super nice to her and she was happy at the end of it because she talked to Stevie for a bit.

I can understand Kevin being unhappy, but isn't winning the most important thing here? I know it is to me. I don't care if they get Khari Jones or Peter Dyakowski or even Bob O'Billovich in at QB just win and quit whining about it. If someone wanted to take half of my job and still give me full pay for doing half the work I know I'd be HEARTBROKEN about it. :wink:

If Glenn's poor play is due to a lack of confidence, then he need to buy a self help book or cd, talk with some positive people, or just do what any one of us would do in the same situation - overcome. A professional athlete should not need high school motivation from his coach.

As Porter left the game with a shoulder bruise, I expect Glenn to start in Toronto and hopefully see some decent time from Boltus.

As for the playoffs, I also expect to see Glenn start with some action from Porter in strategically advantageous situations.

Hendy77 wrote: Glenn has not played POORLY this season, [b]until the last few games when this QB Carousal started[/b].
So you are stating that MB went with the dual QB system because Glenn was playing very well up to that point?

Makes no sense whatsoever.

Glenn had been benched on more than one occasion BEFORE the tandem QB system was ever formulated.

If Glenn was so superb, we wouldn't be in this situation...
and if Porter was so superb, we wouldn't be in this situation.

We need someone to take the reigns, yet nobody wants to.

The 2 QB system is a joke...
If Marcel wanted to take a look at Porter in the last few games and see what he can do I would have been fine with it because we have nothing to play for right now we are guaranteed third place. But there is a right and a wrong way to do this and MB defiantly took the wrong route. Why didn't he declare Glenn the starter and say he is getting rested for the playoff when we take a look at Porter and possibly Boltus.

All of the players are supposed to be professional athletes, giving 100% every time your number is called is what they are supposed to do. I didn't see too much of that the last game, only a couple of defensive backs putting in the effort saved us from a worse butt kicking.
If players don't want to play at a professional level then they should be replaced.
Glenn is a bit of a poser, he can play excellent at times but other times he looks like he doesn't even wants to be there, or doesn't want to bother to put the effort in.

Anyway, all of the problems with this team are a direct result of the wrong head coach, Marcel could probably coach the Als with a proven track record and experienced team players, but he has been outcoached too many times in the last few seasons as he is trying to build a team.

Between Labour Day and the 1st game of the 2QB system (@Montreal), Glenn had:

1 good game (@Moncton)
1 decent game (@toronto)
3 horrid games (@Montreal, vs. Edmonton, vs. Winnipeg)

We have a Hot and Cold running Glen and I guess MB thought he could pressure Hot and Cold running Glen into playing more consistently (Hotter). Maybe.

porter was a victim of drops. no fault of his own.
glenn was also a victim of drops. no fault of his own.

the tie-breaker is; porter had 0 INTS. glenn had 4.

Really :roll:
If Stalla doesn't drop the pass in the endzone Glenn doesn't get picked on the very next play. If we score there and are now only down 7 its a completely different game.

ok, so say stalla catches the TD pass…glenn still throws 3 more picks.
you have no argument.

That. Plus, one person's screw-up doesn't excuse somebody else's.

no no did you read the post...
If Stalla catches that touchdown the game is completely different. They would have been running different plays and had a different mindset if they were only down by 7. he might have thrown those picks but who knows.

I never said it did, but one persons screw up can lead to someones horrible performance...

To paraphrase the NFL philosopher Dennis Green, OUR QUARTERBACKS ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE! Glenn is amazingly average. If the quarterback position is all about accuracy, then you could describe Glenn as a" vicinity passer ". Our receivers have been hungout to dry on many occasions because the ball was not where it was supposed to be. He is an average quarterback more often than not, in a league where quarterbacking is everything. As for Porter, I don't know if he will develop into a starter but between the two of them maybe we can win a playoff game.
This year Obie brought in 9 million receivers and defensive backs to upgrade those positions for the future. Perhaps a plethora of quarterbacks will be on Obie's Christmas list this year. As for the present, we appear to be " dancing with who brung us" and frankly most of us, including Marcel, have no idea which quarterbacks will show up on any given Sunday. :roll:
Players play and coaches coach, so let's not blame Marcel for poor passing. After all, Glenn and Porter are who we thought they were.
Pat Lynch(the old guy)