Well it looks to be true! Bad timing though!

Not only have the Calgary Stampeders committed to signing John Hufnagel as their new head coach, they've decided to pay him more than anyone else in the league.

A source close to the situation told the Sun Hufnagel has already agreed to a six-year deal worth close to $2.5 million.

On top of an annual salary of roughly $400,000, the former Stampeders QB and offensive co-ordinator will also be given a financial stake in the club, said the source.

While it all seems an awful lot for someone who has no CFL head coaching experience, Hufnagel could certainly command big money from potential CFL suitors as he could easily have returned to the NFL where he has been paid handsomely as the New York Giants' offensive coordinator since 2004.

Word is that current head coach Tom Higgins will be offered a front office job and Hufnagel's old pal, George Cortez, will undoubtedly be asked to remain offensive co-ordinator.

While there's no word on what the future holds for GM Jim Barker, there's talk Hufnagel is considering hiring Roy Shivers, with whom he worked throughout the early 90's when 'Shiv' was the Stamps' player personnel director.

While Hufnagel's former Calgary boss, Wally Buono commands more money in B.C. as coach and GM, Hufnagel's deal will make him the league's richest pure coach.

"We as an organization are focusing on the playoff game and wish the media would do so as well," was owner Ted Hellard's response when asked to discuss Hufnagel.

"We have no comments with regards to the coaching situation."

Hufnagel, 56, could not be reached for comment.

"It's a distraction," said Higgins, whose team is now plagued with issues heading into Sunday's West Semifinal in Regina. "I'm not sure why anyone would be talking about me when we have a football game to play."

in the Calgary sun today!

THis would be a distraction in Calgary. I feel sorry for the players and coaches. You can say it is all part of football, but Sask went through the same thing last year with Shivers and then Barrett. It affects the play on the field no doubt about it.

...Higgins being replaced...Pinball heading 'somewhere'...you have to wonder about
behind the scenes activities, the timing and how its released ... thankfully in the Peg we only have to worry bout the attendance, as a distraction.. :lol:

...nice to have only potentially too-high expectations to worry about in Regina, for once...

Wow, you would think that this could wait until the Stamp's season is over, instead of speculating on this now. Time for the Stamps to close ranks and not talk to the media this week.

...and rumour has it Clark is a healthy scratch? What's goin' on over there?

I have to agree. Why would they release that now?

Bad timing.

If the Stamps hire the Shiv, I wonder what all those Stamp fans who bashed him as a Rider will say. They'll probably go back to loving him again.

I still think he's great hire, just don't let him be boss or do any negotiations, too stubborn for that.

You do realize that Eric Francis wrote the article..? He has no credibility. Hellard has denied it. Go to "www.GoStampsGo.com".

It's also on the tsn.ca page.

if the Stamps Hire Shivers.. God have Mercy on us all!

I hope for the sake of the Stampeders Organization that they DO NOT HIRE ROY SHIVERS!!

he'll pull the same stunts that he did in Saskatchewan.. and that failed miserably.

yup.... apparently Clark is not going to Regina....one of the better linebackers in the league...has Higgins lost it....???? i guess the hiring of Hufnagel was too much for him to handle... :lol:

It would be a great scenario to have Calgary win the Grey Cup then have to back off on the impending deal or fire the cup winning coach.

One step at a time though and as for Saturday and Sunday…


Yep...go Stamps go on Saturday...Sunday they can fall apart, though...

I think Eric Tillman has something to do with the timing of this announcement (LOL)

what's with the timing of this announcement. The team is going into the playoffs and the front office announces something like this? what an unecessary distraction. The team should be focused on winning the grey cup, not on who will take over coaching duties at the end of the season. The front office must have brain damage

...or they saw that head coaching turmoil can be a motivating factor for a team, at times, as it was in the WSF last year, and tried to time it impeccably as a result...

Ted Hellard was on CKNW's Sister station in Calgary denying everything. I heard clips of the interview....Hellard sounded tense and ticked off with media.

Imagine if they were to go on to the Cup?
It would make the management look real bad.

So what happens if Calgary wins the Grey Cup and the fire Higgins...... Could he sue for wrongful dismisal? Does Calgary have "Just Cause"?

Wow, no wonder Hellard sounded irritated on the noon sports!