Well, it looks like Brady will be the guy

If the Als are going to make ANY noise in the playoffs, it looks like it will be with Marcus Brady at the controls.

I do not have anything against Jason Maas but given the problems with the OL, it is my opinion that only a QB who can use his legs is going to have any success on the field. A pure pocket passer just can't survive in that backfield.

Any thoughts?

Totally agreed. It's sink or swim with Brady.

And that is not necessarily a bad thing. AC's future is up in the air; and in any event his career is on the downslope...he will retire at some point in the not too distant future, so we have to be thinking of who will take over for him.

It cannot be Jason Maas. He is a stopgap at best, and our future does not lie with him.

Brady MIGHT be our future starting QB, and there's only one way to find out, and that is to play him.

If he is successful, then we have our QB to succeed Anthony. If he is not, then we know that this offseason we should be looking for some college QB to pick up and groom as the successor.

Surprise a win!!!

I was impressed in many ways last night. Disipline and forced turnovers were the difference maker. Are the guys finaly getting it? with the exception of Walter Spencer no one took a bad penalty.

Duval ! Was playing like a man possessed he moved the red zone to the 45! He made the difference.

Brady looked like he was playing backyard football out there. Ran Calgary's d ragged. People are going to say Calgary'd is weak. There is simply no defense to a QB who can move the pocket like that. Like the BC game, he reminded me of Doug Flutie out there.

Great team effort, they got a little bit from everybody and the coaching staff has to be congratualted for using their personel. 8 guys cought balls, six guys ran the ball. four guys caused turnovers.

While the D only got one recorded sack they chased Burris most of the night and forced him to throw before he was ready many times.

When this team plays like that. I agree with Popp they can beat anybody. They can certainly mix it up with Winnipeg and Toronto.

A lot of fun to watch them last night, thanks guys!

Special Team Player of the week : Damon Duval

Defense player of the week: Randy Drew

It's Brady or bust from here on in. As I suspected, Maas was largely ineffective and our atrocious O-line will simply rob any pocket-passing QB of security and comfort. Brady can move the pocket with his legs and get away from the pressure. And he's very good throwing on the run.

I still have no faith in our ability to do anything in the postseason. In fact, I think we'll lose to whoever we face in the Eastern semifinal, thanks to this inept coaching squad. But it's great to see that the players are still fighting.

Is it me or does MB call different plays with Maas/Calvillo and Brady.

The entire 1st quarter with Maas it was the same old lame 3-4 yard passes. With Brady there was far more play action

Brady is a lot more suited to a Bellefeuille's offense. That was one of the things that freaked me out when they gave the offense to Bellefeuille, how was Calvillo going to throw on the run? who was going to run those wiggle running plays?. I also think a lot of the plays I think were improvised by Brady.

We've seen two dominating games by Brady (BC, Calgary)
and two not so good. So with more playing time he will become more consistent. I think the Als have something there with Brady. He threw a great 38 yarder plus one that Watkins dropped that was placed perfect. Guy has tons of potential, he's relatively young and has little wear. Als are probably the biggest dark horse going in. Teams have little film and by spreading the ball o much it will be difficult for opponents to prepare. I like :smiley:

Let's not kid ourselves. As much as I think Brady has potential to be our starting QB down the road, he is still running a Bellefool offense in the Popp Star regime. With a good OC and a competent head coach, I'd be a lot more optimistic.

Keep in mind guys, Calgary has one of the worst Defense in the league. Don't expect the same against either Winnipeg or Toronto.

Not saying it's impossible, it will be just a lot tougher.

Yeah, Calgary fired their DC midseason and completely revamped their defense, going from a 3-4 to a 4-3. Not exactly one of the top defenses in the league.

I totally agree with all the above posts. I was somewhat surprised with Brady- I did not think he was so fast. Having a QB who is fast and has the power to run is great in the CFL. Just look at the running QB's we now have in the CFL- Kerry Joseph, Casey Printers [ and Richie Williams ], Mike Bishop and Ricky Ray whose forte is throwing but I have seen him play where he gets a win with his legs. Dickinson, more of a drop back passer' used his running to beat the Als in last year's Grey Cup.
For a drop back pocket passer , like Calvillo, one needs to have a superior, and big, offensive line. This Calvillo has had,in most of the past several years, and he has been an all star in the east.
Like Brady demonstrated yesterday,he is a QB who can move to the side and,has the threat of running, which can result in less pressure on the offensive line. Thus yesterday we did not see the QB sacks we have been having all year.
Thus for next year the scouts have to beat the bushes to find a QB who, like Brady, can have speed and power as a running QB. WE will still have to know if Brady can use his skills with consistency! If Calvillo remains as our QB then, the scouting has to focus on offensive linemen to enable Calvillo to again demonstrate his considerable passing talent.

Hassall, regardless of who lines up behind centre, we have got to fix our O-line or this offense will remain putrid. They can't pass-block, they can't create holes for the run, they are constantly taking dumb procedure penalties at the wrong times ... offense starts with the O-line. If they aren't doing their job, forget about it.

We have half an offensive line. Flory is in his prime. Bourke is going to be a star in this league. We need a right tackle a NI left Guard and possibly a centre. Chiu was an allstar in 2004 but this is his third year struggling and I don't understand why. He'is fit for a linesman and a proud athlete.

True...but at least Brady has the legs to get him out of trouble and buy himself some time when the pocket starts to break down (which happens most of the time).

I am not saying that the Als will win the Grey Cup here. I am just saying that if the team is going to have ANY shot, it will be with him at the controls.