Well...I'm pleased with the O-Line

Holy Cow!!!! Have you seen the size of the guy's we have competing for the O-Line????

I was so concerned with the loss of Travis Claridge, but to tell you the truth...Travis really did proove my pleas that "everything starts with the O-Line"! ( not that our coaching staff didn't already recognise that)

I hope these guys can move well and work together...if they do, Look-Out!

Man..I'm so pumped...bring on the season! :rockin:

To tell you the truth...there isn't one area that I have a concern with right now! Getting this team to operate as a team will be the only concern, because we do have the talent! :thup: :thup:

Nice thread, Woody.

With two former starters from the NFL (Greg Randall and Damion Cook), three excellent non-imports(George Hudson, Marwan Hage and Wayne Smith) and a strong supporting cast, the Ticat offensive line should become an outstanding unit as the season progresses.