Well.. I was right again.

Braley refuses to sell thiks team and thus it continues to depreciate

[url=http://www.theprovince.com/sports/Ullrich+Place+half+empty+half+full/10871423/story.html]http://www.theprovince.com/sports/Ullri ... story.html[/url]

This article has nothing to do with Braley's desire to sell the Lions or not.
It does, however, show Braley is out to lunch with the ticket pricing on both his CFL teams.

What a joke... Just lower the prices for students or give ticket packages for families that are 4 and over. They may already do this but how are the Lions the most expensive tickets in the league when the Eskimos, Riders, Stamps are better than them? I know it doesnt come down to skill of the team as an absolute, but high ticket prices doesnt encourage younger people who are detrimental to anyone selling something. Young people are the be all and end all to any successful company or organization in 95% of products.

where does it say that braley is setting the prices?

Sounds like the right thing to do. just under 27K is the capcity of the lower bowl. Teams and stadiums have been set at about 25K plus premium type seating within that along with the current TV money and corporate parters and profits will be made.
The extended roof for the upper bowl works great for WhiteCaps and their lower bowl capaicity is set at 20K which is the model for MLS franchises to make profits.
700K plus TV ratings and about 25K with sponsorships and TV money is the CFL model now. 50K are no longer needed or ralistic nowadays with more at home watchers. every sport starting with the MLB throwback baseball stadium craze hit the 70K monster bowls were out and to 40K plus seating were and are the norm.
Sounds to me as though the Lions and CFL are right on par with other pro sports

Sounds like a smart business decision. as of the title of this thread, well, this was announced WEEKS ago. It was mainly made because if they open the upper decks they require around 60% more staff with only about 5% more ticket sales. It only makes sense to open it if there is much stronger demand. That is why Braley is a millionaire and some others don't have the common sense to ever get there.

I asked my Argo ticket rep last year, why ticket prices have doubled in the last few years? Doesn't any know the laws of supply & demand?
Her response was, David Braley determines ticket prices.

I'm guessing he does the same for the lions.

OK bungle, I read the article and you've got me worried. You should stop what you're doing right now and seek immediate medical help. You could be a danger to yourself and others.

What I find funny is the media does not even bother to get the numbers right. The new revamped BC Place only seats 42,000 for football, unless it's a Grey Cup, then they move some seats and it goes up to 52,000. Also unless you count CLUB seating as regular seats ( which most people do not) Montreal has the highest season ticket price at over 900 bucks for 1 season ticket, which then goes to 1250 for the season if you don't buy season tickets. BC highest is just over 700 for a season ticket

Not sure where you're getting your 42,000 number (the number of "open sections" on game day?), but BC plays in a stadium that seats 54,320* (*while exact numbers differ depending on source, it's generally in the 54K+ range. It's definitely more than 42,000).

Also, why would you not include Club Seating when counting ticket prices? These are not suites or luxury boxes. They're regular seats (about 10 rows of them) that are located on the Lions' side of the field all the way between the goal lines. That's a sizeable inventory (the main difference being you get in-seat food and beverage service as well as wider, cushioned seating).

Here's the thing with the Lions' pricing. Their hard-core fans are, to a large extent, not price sensitive. There aren't a lot of seats available between the 30s (the most expensive seats), especially on the Lions side of the field. It's everything after that for the more casual sports fan that, not surprisingly, they have a more difficult time moving. A single end zone season ticket is going to set you back over $300, let alone buying a single ticket from Ticketmaster the week of the game. Braley (or Skulsky, or both) is out to lunch considering they play in a massive stadium where atmosphere means everything.

I hope I can get tickets this year. I go out to BC 2 x year for Lions games.
As they are moving the upper season ticket holders down, single tickets will be hard to find if any.

Regardless, they will need to drape the upper bowl. Bad marketing seeing all those empty seats.
Perhaps they should do the same at Rogers Center.

Considering all the money spent renovating BC Place, it is really sad that the building's two main tenants don't see the need to have the upper deck open.

If you haven't seen the movie, it is actually a deserted warehouse.

Well played

Well played


Is there a picture of this "second roof." I can see it for soccer, but wouldn't punts hit it?

Edit: Found it: http://saraborck.com/_html/wp-content/u ... 2_1477.jpg

its about the same height as the scoreboard... Hank Illesic is retired, so it should be high enough.

He is in Toronto...at least that is the feedback I get from my ticket rep.

A punt would only hit it if it sailed way, way out of bounds. The roof only covers parts of the spectator area so the only way for a punt to hit would be as a result of a shank of epic proportions