Well I waited and no one comes to the rescue! So here it is!

How about those Stampeders? Yup for those fans that doubted Smiling Hank :lol: :lol: :lol: Inconsistant no just slow at getting his mojo! :lol:

hammering hank destroyed the esks.

This picture discribes the game it has the score I predicted last year!

Way to go Stamps!
Do it again on Friday and seal their fate!!!!!!

Way to go Calgary!! Can you say"AUSTIN to EDMONTON" after next weekend!

I would never do that they will go down further. They need to develop that Oline!

Did any one notice the Stamps playing a lot of young canadians in the second half today!

Well done Calgary! well played game!

Well redo5, I play two pro line tickets...one with my heart and one with my only remaining brain cell, looks like the brain cell won $66.32 on a eight dollar bet..Go BrainCell..

Ah Hank now if you did not damage most those puppies you could be a rich man by now! Tell me you bet on the Stamps! Naw can't be you bet on the Argos didn't you! :lol:
My bet is on the Bombers in the return match but dam it they fail this time! I will be big time disappointed! No more autographs for the Bluebomber fan club thats for sure! :lol:

Lions 2.40
Sk 1.65
Stamps 1.55
Argos 1.35
66 bucks... big deal

When you watch the CFL, why not have money riding on the outcome. Like I said, A bet with the heart would of paid three hundred Loonies if the Esks n Bombers won, so far all my bets only cost me a broken finger...CHEAP..

...good game red......Congratulations on puttin another nail in the Esks. coffin....burial time next week....the schmoes along with the Ti-Cats will be evaluating for next year.... :roll:

Good Game Calgary. Hey Red, has Weirdo come by to trash talk like he did in your forum.

Love the way he used his legs to get himself into the game, great game by him, classic CFL qb, guts all the way with smartness.
Now if we just had one of these in Hamilton. :cry:

Well i really have to say the Stamps are playing great lately. Well done beating the Esks! I'm happy for Henry as well. But is Copeland running out of TD celebration ideas, or what? I thought they hurt Cates when they all piled on top of him. Wouldn't that be something if that kind of craziness cauused an injury. Plus it looked weird. :oops: