Well... I sure enjoyed that!

Nothing like seeing Saskatchewan get their ***es kicked!


That was no *ss kicking. Tough win, against all odds.
Main event, by far!

it was a knife through the heart is what it was. Enjoy rubbing salt in there

Have fun against BC or Edmonton in the semi final. :smiley::smiley:

You have to beat the best, to be the best.

That's exactly what it was.


If you loved your team as much as the rider fans did you would understand.

Are you out???

ah quit crying....how would you like to have been a fan of the Bombers that got thrown to the Lions last night... and.at least you still got a playoff shot...szarkatrain....

A very good shot i might add!

Christmas sure came early for Calgary. Seven turnovers. Might as well stick a fork in me, I'm done! BTW, I guess I will have to settle for East Champion.

Gee youre a real fanatic. Can i call u Bwuce.

Its not even close to being done.


Saskatchewan Roughriders the 2005 Eastern Division Champions. Has a nice ring to it. :wink:

NO IT DOES NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you a traitor now Kanga? What is with this Montreal 05 champs talk coming out of you?

I could live with that!! :slight_smile:

Kanga will say anything to make a post.

I have always wanted the Al’s to win the GC this year since the beginning of the season, mate.

the Expos need REVENGE!!! if Montreal won it last year, I wouldn’t be calling for Montreal to win the GC. Toronto, probably.