Well, I Guess They Hate Us In Edmonton Now!

Surely and without a doubt! They had no reason to hate us before but they do now. Heartbreaking for them.

The only people Eskimos fans should be angry at is their own team. Regardless of the outcome of the BC-Hamilton game, Edmonton still would have gotten in if they had won. If your team is relying on another to get you into the playoffs, your team doesn't deserve to get into the playoffs.

Yeah, I changed the take a bow Tiger Cats part. I would imagine it was an emotionally exhausting game for the Eskimoes to watch and then to have to play after that heartbreak. Cruel game. How does Wally always manage to do it??

Well I know I'll be losing sleep tonight over Edmonton hating us, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The end of RR I think in Edmonton. Valiant effort but putting Zebransky in at the end says it all.

Well at least we ended one team's season today. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Too bad it was the wrong team though! :oops: :oops: :oops:

I really don't like the thought of going into the playoffs with a 0-2 record the last two weeks. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Really sucks, you know. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

One only becomes the winningest coach by winning games. Buono's just a darn good coach.

But I think the Riders may have gotten a little bit of their swagger back with the win tonight. The Leos are going to be in tough.

Records don't matter. Everyone is 0-0 now (or will be after tomorrow). Now it's a three game season. You gotta win 'em all.

Agree blogskee with that last statement, the only thing that would have mattered if we didn't show up today, but we did and that does the trick to get it done next week.

I hope so. I'm worried about MO-mentum though. Once you have MO on your team good things seem to happen. :cowboy:

(Although Larry and Curly were equally great, MO was the best Stooge!) :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ricky Ray is the Tiger-Cats starting QB for 2011, you heard it here first :thup:

Ray to Hamilton, Glenn to Edmonton.Not by preference or anything, i'm just playing the psychic.

Have you been drinking 15champ?
just playing psychic... :lol:

Possibly but i'm pretty sure this is mostly my prediction :wink:

sointenly...nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Glenn isn't going any place. Except to the hall of fame. I am tired of hearing all the whiners put it all on one guy. These are the same guys that don't say booo whenever we are winning.
Bottom line is this. We lost a bunch of games this yr. by a couple of points right?
So here it is for all of you winners! One guy on any team cannot be blamed for a 2 point loss. Especially when our top two recievers were knocked out of the game. [Bruce entire game, Stala second half].
I will take Glenns achievments this yr. anyday over RR's.
Not only has Ricky lost a step he is no longer playing like an elite QB with his sub par performance this season.
My opinion RR will either be traded to Toronto or Winnipeg were he will play out his last games with another sub par season next yr. Or maybe some of you would rather he finish his career here that way? Not me.
Todays loss was nothing more than a warm up for our substitutes in the second half in case they are needed in the next 3 wks.
So get over losing such a meaningless game.
Next wk. will be a different story line, just wait and see!


Zebransky... that would be a great name for a ref, wouldn't it?

Also a great name for Edmontons new starting QB in 2011!


Any eskie fan mad at the Cats is delusional. Maybe be mad at your own team for losing their own game?

If both teams were looking to shake things up, it would be an interesting trade, like the Dieter Brock/Tom Clements exchange between WPG and HAM in '83 . By record, Ray would be the pick in every category but there seems to be a feeling around that his best days are perhaps behind him, while Glenn's may be still to come. Both are 31. Ray is 4 months younger. Ray has played 8 CFL seasons, Glenn 10. Passing Yards -- Ray 35,000+, Glenn 28,000+. Completion Percentage --Ray 67%, Glenn 60.8%. Rushing/scrambling yards -- Ray 2300+, Glenn 1200+. Don't know the contract numbers, but I expect Ray is higher paid, and perhaps by enough to be a serious consideration if such a trade offer was ever put on the table.

It doesn't matter what Rays numbers were, it matters what is numbers are now. Frankly they are not that good. 2010 season, 64% completion rating, 11 touchdowns, 16 interceptions, 82% qb Rating.
Glenns numbers are ahead in every catagorey this yr. except for maybe running the ball.
Edmonton would make this trade in a minute.
Not only would they be getting a better QB in Glenn, they would be saving a ton of money.
Rumour has it RR makes between $250-$500 thousand a yr.